The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 244

Chapter 244

James laughed heartlessly.

Henry was so embarrassed. Alex sighed in relief.

James was finally satisfied.

Michelle was still stunned and had not grasped the situation. ‘Isn’t he poor? ‘He has no money, car, or savings. How does he know the famous Alex of Cansington?’

“D-Do you have anything else I could help with?” The managing kneeling asked cautiously.

“We want all of them except this one, that one, and her.”

James pointed at a few women and spoke. “You, you and you! Leave quickly. The others stay behind and serve our honored guest well!” “Understood.”

Those who were named left quickly.

The rest stood up and walked toward the three of them.

“I don’t need servicing. You all go ahead and serve those two.” James stood up immediately

“I-I also don’t need the service. Please serve this guest well,” Alex also hurriedly said.

All the women surrounded Henry.

In an instant, there were a few lipstick stains on Henry’s face. Meanwhile, Michelle was still stunned. So many?

*A dozen of us? How much does it cost? “The cheapest one is thirty-eight thousand dollars, not including drinks. Wouldn’t it cost at least several million dollars for the whole night? ‘Isn’t he a broke*ss? How does he have so much money?’

Michelle was confused.

Henry was embarrassed to be surrounded by so many women and avoided them. He hurriedly shouted, “Alright, alright. I-I don’t need that many.”

He rushed to James, panicked, and said, “James, this is enough. I’ve experienced enough. Let’s go back now.”

“Just go and have fun.”

James pushed him over and pressed him on the sofa.

He turned around and glanced at Michelle, who was still shocked by the situation. He said teasingly, “What’re you still doing there? Why aren’t you serving your honorable guest?”


Michelle finally came to her senses and sat beside Henry.

However, she was immediately pulled away by a long-legged woman.

Many of these women knew Alex. A man who he highly respected was surely someone with a strong background. They would surely have a lot of benefits if they pleased him. The women scrambled over to him to serve him.

“You have fun, Henry. I’ll head back first,” James said with a smile. Then, he glanced toward Alex.

“Celestial Group can wait to be shut down if Henry leaves today,” he threatened.

“Understood, understood!” Alex nodded repeatedly.

James left behind a few words and left.


Henry shouted out for James. However, James had already left through the door. Henry looked helpless. “What’s with all this? “Have a drink, Master.” “Master, tell us about your work.” “Master, don’t hold back. You should not be so restrained in such a place.”

These women all had serious jobs as executives or managers in major companies. They were all here to work part-time.

All of them were very seductive.

The same was true for Michelle. At this moment, she was trying her best to seduce and please Henry.

“Ugh, why’re you all surrounding me? He is the big boss here. Go and please him.” Henry pointed at Alex. Immediately, a few of the women walked over to Alex. James left.

He did not care about what happened after leaving.

Instead of returning to Thea’s house immediately, he went to solve some stuff.

It was about Yosef.

That b*stard Yosef received bribes from Howard to frame Thea. He had looked for him once in the past.

However, he refused to tell the truth in front of Lex and instead pointed the finger at them, Wronging Thea again.

James had swoni never to let Thea be wronged again in this life.

What was the point of having a scumbag like him around anymore? “Blithe King, please notify the Commercial Crime Investigation Department to help me catch someone.” The Blithe king was stunned for a moment after receiving the call from James. He wondered if James had finally decided to change. Instead of using his fists to solve a problem, he was finally resorting to legal means. However, it was a good thing since he would not have to keep clean up after James’ mess. “Where is he? I’ll send someone over right away.” James informed him of Yosef’s address.

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