The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Yosef, Charlie, and seven or eight gangsters were taken away.

“] James.”

Before the policemen left, he looked at James and asked respectfully, “M-May I ask how would you like us to investigate the Callahans?”

This policeman was the head of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department.

His name was Wayne Jackson.

Before coming, he was aware of James’ identity and knew he was the Callahans’ son-in-law.

However, he did not know of James’ other identities.

One thing he knew was that an ordinary person would not be treated respectfully by the Blithe King’s subordinate.

He was not confident in how he was supposed to investigate the Callahans, so he inquired. “After the investigations, those who deserve to go to jail should go to jail, and those who deserve to be fined should be fined,” said James.

“Understood.” Wayne nodded. “I’ve troubled you again, General Highsmith. I’ll treat you to dinner some other day.”

James waved his hand and turned to leave. At the same time, at the Callahans’ villa.

A few cars parked in front of the villa with some pickup trucks and a brand-new limited edition Firarre.

Tommy saw the cars through the surveillance at the door and was taken aback but headed outside to check it out.

After going out, he saw many people unloading goods from the pickup truck and carrying many boxes.

“W-Who are you people?” He approached and asked.

A middle-aged man dressed in a suit and tie, seemingly a very successful person, stepped forward and asked, “Is this the Callahans’ residence?” “Y-yeah. Why?” Tommy was puzzled and did not understand what these people were doing.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Tommy. We’re here to send some betrothal gifts.” “Bethrotal gifts?”

Tommy was shocked.

“Please come inside.” Tommy immediately understood and invited the people into the house. After entering the house, Tommy shouted, “Grandpa, there are some people here at the door with betrothal gifts.

“Huh?” Lex was puzzled. The middle-aged man in the lead said, “Mr. Yates had requested us to send it here.”

After informing them of the situation, he took out a list and read it, “Eighty-eight million eight hundred thousand dollars in cash, a limited edition Firarre worth twenty-eight million dollars, a twenty-two thousand square meter villa in Goodview Villa District worth three hundred and eighty million dollars. Jewelry worth fifty-eight million dollars and clothes worth eighty million and eight hundred thousand dollars.”

After reciting the note, several people walked in with the boxes.

The middle-aged man approached Lex dumbfounded and handed him the note while saying,” Mr. Callahan. Please check the gifts to see if there are any problems. Sign the delivery order if there are no problems.”

He turned around and ordered some people to open the boxes. The boxes contained brand new green bank notes, countless gold and silver jewelry, and some designer clothes.

Lex was stunned. The whole family was shocked. Betrothal gift?

Which man was interested in which woman of the Callahans?

Who had sent the gifts?

Lex glanced at the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man said, “There’s a box of eighty-eight million eight hundred thousand dollars in cash. There’s a total of ten boxes that contain the jewelry, clothes, villa key, and car keys. Everything is here.” “Excuse me, which woman from the Callahans is this for and which gentleman sent the gifts?” asked Lex.

The middle-aged man said, “I don’t know about that. I’m only in charge of the delivery.” Lex stiffly picked up the pen and signed the delivery order. Then the middle-aged man asked the team to leave.

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