The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Thea could not retort.

She did not know what to say.

She pulled James into her room.

Meanwhile, the others formed a circle around the betrothal gifts. Alyssa took a beautiful dress and some expensive-looking jewelry and dashed excitedly into her room. She changed her clothes and put on earrings, a necklace, and a ring. “Darling, do I look pretty?” She came out of the room and walked around the living room. David exclaimed, “Wow, you look gorgeous, darling! The dress suits you perfectly.” Upon hearing this, Alyssa was flattered.

Meanwhile, Gladys wore a worried expression. She muttered, “Mr. Watson is rich, but so is Mr. Caden. Who should Thea marry?” “She should marry both.” David blurted out. Smack!

Gladys smacked him on his head. He instantly shut his mouth and headed toward a box full of cash. “Mom, can I have this?”

Gladys glanced at him.”No way. They’ll be kept in safe custody. I’ll be putting them in the bank tomorrow.”

In her room, Thea was exasperated.

“I-1’ll go to Majestic Corporation tomorrow to return the gifts to Mr. Caden.”

James said with a smile, “Darling, it’s yours now. You should keep it.”

“How could I do such a thing? I already have a husband.”

Hearing this, James fell silent. Neither of them said anything else.

The atmosphere in the room was unusual.

James and Thea waited in the room for the rest of the family to fall asleep.

Thea went to shower. Meanwhile, James had a box in his hands. His heart was thumping.

Soon, Thea came out of the shower.

She was wrapped in a towel, which covered her sensitive parts. Her fair skin and her plump. juicy thighs were revealed. Her skin was still wet and glistening with drops of water.

She pointed to the bathroom, her cheeks red. “G-Go and take a shower.”


Adrenaline pumped through James’ veins, and he hastily dashed toward the bathroom. He finished showering in five minutes. Putting on his pants, he got out of the bathroom. Thea was already lying in bed, the towel by her side. The blanket covered her body. Only her face was revealed.

Her cheeks were as red as an apple, and they looked enticing.

She moved a little to make space for James.

James leaped onto the bed in excitement.

Thea quivered the moment he got onto the bed.

She knew what would happen next.

She thought she had prepared herself. She would finally belong to James, and they would officially be husband and wife.

However, the moment James got onto the bed, she became hesitant. She became fearful.

It was a fear of the unknown, and a fear of marriage.

James tumed his body and looked at Thea. Her cheeks were red, and she was irresistible. He extended his arms to embrace her. Then, he went for a kiss.

Their lips touched It felt chilly and a little sweet. “N-No…”

Thea pushed Jares away forcefully. She got up, panting. “I-I’m not ready for this. Darling, c-can we do this some other time?” She dared not lift her head to meet his gaze.

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