The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 255

Chapter 255

James was at a loss.

What was going on?

Did she not agree to it? Why did she change her mind?

He momentarily froze. Then, he quickly recollected himself and smiled. “I-It’s alright.”

As he said that, he got off the bed and spread the mattress on the floor. Thea did not understand what had gotten into her. She felt terrified the moment James kissed her.

However, she did not know what she was afraid of.

“Y-You can sleep here if you want.” Although she did not feel ready, she still could not bear to see James sleeping on the floor any longer.

James said with a smile, “It’s alright. I can sleep on the floor. I’ll sleep next to you when you’re fully ready.”

Jamnes did not want to pressure Thea into it. In fact, he did not have the right. After all, he would not even be here without Thea. That was why he had decided to support and obey any decision she made From Thea’s perspective, however, James was mad.

She opened her mouth to speak. However, she was at a loss for words.

The night passed silently.

Thea did not get a wink of sleep. Meanwhile, James slept soundly.

Soon, morning came. Thea rubbed her eyes. She was awake the whole night. Thus, she was a little absent-minded. She saw that James was awake. He put the mattress away, walked out of the room, and lit a cigarette on the balcony. Through the window, she stared at James’ back, her mind in a trance.

Then, she rose, got dressed, and headed toward the balcony. She called out, “Darling.”


James turned and saw Thea approaching him.

Thea wore an apologetic look. “Sorry about last night.” “It’s no big deal.” James laughed out loud. “We got married before building the foundation this relationship needs. It’s only natural for you to be reluctant to do such a thing with me. Gradually, and with time, I know you’ll accept me.” Even with James’ reassurance, Thea still felt guilty.

James had been through hardships and ordeals ever since he married into the Callahans. Though he was aggrieved, she could do nothing. “Sigh.” Reflecting on this, she sighed. “What’s with you sighing? It’s fine. I don’t blame you.” James stood up and embraced Thea. He said, “I’ll never force you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Not in the past, not in the present, and never in the future.” The more courteous James was, the more guilty Thea felt. “”I-I’ll go to Majestic Corporation today and see if I can meet Mr. Caden. I’ll explain things to him and return the betrothal gifts.” “Fine by me.” James nodded. Thea looked at him and said, “G-Give me some time.”

He smiled. “I told you I’m fine. Let’s get going, honey.”

James pulled Thea back to her room and into the living room Gladys, Benjamin, and the others were already there.

They gathered to discuss their visit to Goodview Villa District. They wanted to have a glimpse of the villa Mr. Caden had gifted them. After that, they planned on heading to the bank to deposit their money. Thea approached them and said, “I told you I’m not accepting these gifts. I’m returning them.”

Discontented, David shouted, “Are you dumb, Thea? Why would you return these gifts?! They’re worth more than a hundred million!”

Gladys was disgruntled. “What are you talking about, Thea? Listen up, now. You have to choose between Mr. Caden and Mr. Watson. You can return these gifts if you want to go on a date with Mr. Watson. If you aren’t interested in Mr. Watson, Mr. Grayson’s a good pick too.” “I won’t waste my time convincing you. I’m heading to Majestic Corporation now to explain things to Mr. Caden.”

Thea stormed out of the house. James glanced at them and said with a smile, “Feel free to keep them. I’ll have a word with Thea.”

“Hmph, at least you’re not stupid, “Gladys grunted.

David chimed in, “Say no more, James. Just get the divorce so Thea can find another man with her glamorous looks, she’ll have no problem getting a rich guy.”

“I – I’ll go find her.” James turned to leave.

However, he did not go after Thea.

Since Thea was headed to Majestic Corporation, he had to hurry there to meet her as Mr. Caden.

“Since she doesn’t like the current me, I’ll make her fall in love with the other me.”

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