The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 256

Chapter 256 After leaving the Callahan residence, James called a taxi and headed to Majestic Corporation. On the way, he called Newton. “Mr. Quinn, who’s currently in charge of Majestic Corporation?” “That’ll be me, James.”

“Got it. Prepare a suit and a mask for me. I’ll be there soon.”

Though Newton did not know what James was up to, he obeyed. “Alright, I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

After the call, James closed his eyes to rest.

Soon, he arrived at Majestic Corporation.

It was an eighteen-story skyscraper. Though it used to be a business under the Great Four, it had been returned to its original owner. After Newton took over, he renamed it the Majestic Tower.

It was also the headquarters of Majestic Corporation.

Majestic Corporation had only been established yesterday. Although there were rumors about its opening, the company had not officially announced its opening ceremony, nor had it held a press conference. However, news about Majestic Corporation’s hiring activities had appeared on the online job market.

From vice-chairman to an ordinary clerk, all positions were open and available.

Majestic Corporation had gone on the offensive by offering high salaries to talents. Many unemployed individuals were emboldened and wanted to try their luck Even those who were already employed were attracted by Majestic Corporation’s remuneration and wished to jump ship.

Outside Majestic Corporation, a Lamborghini flawlessly reverse-parked into the garage.

The door opened A tall, slender, and beautiful woman in a red dress got off the car.

She pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. Her appearance attracted a crowd. At the same time, Thea was outside Majestic Tower. Looking at the eighteen-story high skyscraper, she felt disoriented.

She was a little nervous. Soon, she would meet the person she saved ten years ago.

Soon, she would meet the ghost-masked men who had saved her from Trent Xavier.

Thoughts filled her mind. Tap! Tap! Tap! The sound of boots kept ringing in her head. The hideous ghost mask sprang into her mind. Recollecting herself, she took a deep breath and walked toward Majestic Tower.

The woman in the red dress was there too. She arrived at the door at the same time as Thea.

They noticed each other, and their gazes met. “Huh?”

The woman in the red dress looked at Thea and removed her sunglasses. “Thea, is that you?”

“Y-You are…?”

Thea looked at the slender woman in the red dress. She had curly red hair and wore lipstick. For a moment, Thea could not recognize her. “I’m Quincy Xyla.” “Quincy?!” Thea exclaimed. Quincy was her classmate at senior high. She was also her best friend. After the incident, Quincy transferred schools. Thea heard she went overseas to study She did not expect to run into her here.

Quincy stepped forward and pulled Thea’s arm. A smile flashed across her beautiful face.” What a coincidence Come, let’s find somewhere to sit and have a chat.”


Thea was excited.

It had been ten years.

They found a table at a coffee shop near Majestic Corporation.

“Thea, I just got back, and I heard about what you went through. I didn’t know you’d been suffering all these years. Thank goodness you’re strong enough to withstand those hardships.”

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