The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 259

Chapter 259 James turned to face Thea.

She could not take her eyes off him.

However, in the instant James tumed, she was dismayed.

She could not see his face as he was wearing a mask. It was not the same ghost mask from before. Instead, it was a silver mask. It covered his face, and only his eyes, nose, mouth, and chin were revealed.

James turned and glanced at Thea.

He saw the nervousness in her.

He gave her a slight smile. “Make yourself at home. Have a seat.” Thea recollected herself and took a seat on the sofa of the office.

James took the seat opposite her. “M-Mr. Caden, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

Thea opened her mouth to speak Her voice was shaky.

Anyone could tell she was nervous.

James waved her off. “If not for you, I would’ve died in the fire ten years ago. I know you’ve gone through a lot over the past ten years. I could never pay back my debts to you.” James was speaking the truth. He could never truly repay his debts to Thea.

Thea mustered her courage and lifted her head to look at James.

The man before her wore a white, spotless suit and a silver mask. He had a distinctive aura that was unlike any other. It was the aura of a successful man. The vibes he gave off would be suffocating to the ordinary person.

She opened and closed her mouth, unable to speak She wanted to tell him she was married and would like him to take back the betrothal gifts.

Yet, James’ aura was too strong and irresistible.

She was deeply attracted to him. If only he was her husband.

A preposterous idea floated into her mind.

She shook her head as if to shake off the idea. “C-Can I see what you look like beneath the mask?”

Thea wanted to see what he really looked like. “Is that important?” James looked at thea,


Thea (roze.

James continued, “I know what you came here for. You want to return the betrothal gifts I sent to the Callahan residence yesterday. Not only are they betrothal gifts, but they’re also my token of gratitude to you for saving my life. Since you’re married and have no plans of divorcing your husband, take it as a token of gratitude. Furthermore, I promise you this. If you ever need me, just tell me. I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill your wish.”

As the son-in-law of the Callahans, James could not promise Thea anything.

Even if he did, Thea would not have confidence in his words.

However, the man before her right now was different.

“I can’t accept this.” Thea hurriedly explained, “Mr. Caden, these gifts are too generous. I can’t accept them. Please, take them back. I only have a single request. May I have a look at your face?”

Thea still wanted to see what the person, who had saved her and had been helping her in the shadows, looked like.

Seeing the look of anticipation on her face, James wanted to fulfill her wish.

At that moment, he intended to remove his mask and reveal his identity to her.

However, how would he get along with her after removing the mask?

After removing the mask and revealing his identity, Thea would only treat him with respect and reverence. There would be no more feelings of love.

Reflecting on this, he restrained the urge to do so.

He lightly waved. “Now’s not the time. When the time is right, you’ll find out what I look like. If there’s nothing else, please leave. I still have business to attend to.” Thea was disappointed.

Though she had met hím, she did not get to see his face.

She stood up and said, “I’ll send someone to return the gifts.”

“I told you there’s no need for that,” James said bluntly. “Since you don’t intend to divorce your husband, treat them as my token of gratitude instead of betrothal gifts.” James’ tone was a little harsh, and he was unrelenting. He did not wish to give Thea any chance to say no. “T-Then, I’ll accept the gifts with thanks.”

Thea did not say much. She turned to leave.


Removing the mask, James sighed a breath of relief as she left. His face wore a helpless expression.

“I only wanted to send her some gifts. I didn’t expect things to go so wrong. Great, Now I’ll have to get along with her with two identities.”

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