The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Gladys was out the entire day, so she missed the news. She was unaware of the press conference the chairman of the Celestial Group had held, the fact that Celestial Group had canceled their partnership with Eternality, and how Thea had leveraged her return to the family against Lex by making him pass ten percent of the shares over to them. She froze at Thea’s words. “Transfer letter for ten percent of the shares? What share?” 

Gladys stared blankly at the document Thea held out. “Mom, grandpa wrote this transfer contract,” Thea said. “He signed it himself. If dad signs it too, ten percent of the family’s shares will be his.” Gladys promptly snatched the file from Thea’s hands and read through the contents carefully She cheered in delight when she was done, hugging and kissing the contract.” Haha! It’s real!” she squealed. “It’s an actual transfer contract! We finally have ten percent of the shares! The old man finally came to his senses!” 

“Let me see that, Mom,” David said incredulously. Lex held most of the family’s shares. The other family members had some, too, but never his immediate family. 

Gladys happily passed the file to him. “Didn’t you always want a new car, Davie? Let’s get you a brand new one tomorrow! It’ll be one that’s far more presentable. You’ll be the envy of the road!” David read through the contract, his face brightening with every line. He turned hurriedly to face Gladys. “Mom, even holding ten percent of the shares gets us a considerable amount of money when they hand out bonuses in the future! I’m planning to have a kid, but our place in the city is too small for that. Get Dad to pass me five percent of his share, Mom! I want a new house!” “There’s no rush! Whatever your father has will be yours one day!” 

“Mom, I’ve got my eye on a dress, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars,” Alyssa said petulantly, tugging on Gladys’s arm. “Our wedding anniversary is coming up in a month, I plan on getting a decent dress for once.” “‘Yes, of course! We’ll get you that dress!” Gladys was elated. She finally had some of Eternality’s shares after years of being shunned. Thea felt joy as she watched how happy her mother was. She hugged James’s arin, beaming up at him in gratitude. 

However, James had noticed how Gladys did not even give Thea a single glance after she took the contract from her. Something compelled him to speak up.” Mom, Thea was the one that got the contract for dad.” “Trust you to ruin the mood.” Gladys’s expression soured. She crossed her arms. “You’re a mere servant we brought into our household. You don’t get a say in anything. Also, I’ve raised her for twenty years. Isn’t this what she’s supposed to do?” 

“I’m sorry, mom,” Thea said hurriedly, seeing how Gladys had become annoyed. “James didn’t mean that. This is indeed what I’m supposed to do.” “Whatever. Come in,” Gladys said as she entered the house, not wanting to bicker with James while she was still in a good mood. 

Thea smiled, happy that she finally had her mother’s approval. 

James, however, felt helpless. 

Thea was too soft on them. She was too desperate to get her family’s approval. But, from this, he also saw the years of pain and grievances she had to endure. They started discussing the contract. Gladys even called Benjamin to hurry him home so he could sign it. 

Soon enough, Benjamin was home. When he learned how Thea had helped him obtain ten percent of his family business’s shares, he froze in shock. “T-Thea,” he said. “Is this true?” Thea nodded from where she sat on the couch. “It’s true, Dad. Grandpa allowed me to return to the family, too.” “Haha! This is amazing…” Benjamin laughed in elation. 

“Don’t be too happy.” Gladys snapped, ruining the mood. “You’re not the one that earned this. You’ve been useless your entire life, and you always will be. If it weren’t for Thea, you’d never amount to anything in this family!” Benjamin hung his head, not daring to retort. The dampened mood was short-lived. Now that Thea had gotten them the transfer contract, the entire family planned to celebrate by having a meal in a nice restaurant. 

While Benjamin was not considered rich, he was still the company’s manager. His salary was considerably high, enough for him to put down a loan for more than 300,000 dollars on a Hondai. 

David, too, had a car. The family had bought it for him as a wedding gift. While it only cost them 200,000 dollars, it did the job of transporting them just fine. David and Alyssa left in their car, while James and Thea rode in Benjamin’s. The family drove downtown to a high-end restaurant.

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