The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 260

Chapter 260 James came to Majestic Corporation to meet Thea. After meeting her, he changed into the casual wear he always wore. “This is much more comfortable,” James muttered.

He walked out of the office and took the dedicated lift to the first floor.

He walked out of Majestic Tower and stood by the side of the road to call a taxi. Thea walked out of Majestic Corporation, dejected. Although she had met the person she wanted to meet, she did not manage to see his face.

However, he exuded a strong aura. His every word and action could sway the thoughts of others.

At that moment, she saw James standing by the road.

She froze.


Hearing this, James turned. Upon seeing Thea behind him, he scratched his head awkwardly. “T-Thea, you’re here as well?”

“W-Were you following me?”

Upon seeing James’ flustered look, she instantly understood. Her face darkened. “James, do you not trust me? Is that why you followed me?” 1

James was speechless. Why would he follow her here?

However, he did not know how to explain things to her.

As James remained silent, Thea was convinced he had been trailing her. “You seemed like an understanding guy, so I wasn’t expecting you to be this petty. You said you trusted me, but your actions contradict your words.” Thea was dissatisfied.

She glanced at James.

His outfit looked like it cost less than a hundred dollars altogether. He looked like a commoner, and he had no special abilities whatsoever.

She thought about the mysterious Mr. Caden.

His attire was worth a fortune. He wore a spotless suit and exuded a strong aura.

In comparison, his husband was a pauper. Mr. Caden, on the other hand, was a prince. “Honey, I didn’t follow you here,” James said helplessly. “Then, why are you here?”

“1 l..”

James wanted to explain himself, but he did not know how to go about it.

There was no way he could tell her he was the mysterious Mr. Caden who had sent her the betrothal gifts.

“James, I’ve seen through you.” After meeting the mysterious Mr. Caden, Thea could not help but compare them. Now, she believed James was worthless. Perhaps her family was right. They were not a good fit.

Thea’s apathy stunned James. I They had been married for quite some time.

Although they had their misunderstandings, Thea had always stood up for him. He knew of his place in her heart. However, at this very moment, he felt he had no place in her heart. Could it be she had fallen in love with the other him and had begun to look down on her husband?

The moment Thea spoke those words, she felt she had gone too far. She remembered it was James who had treated her and cared for her. That period was the happiest she had ever been in the past ten years. “Whew!

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