The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Thea took a deep breath. Her tone softened.

“James, I know it was you who treated my injuries. Since we’re married, I’m your wife. I’ll never betray you. But, what about you? You didn’t trust me and even followed me here. Did you take me for a vain woman who’d divorce you and marry Mr. Caden just because he’s rich?” “Thea, I didn’t follow you here. I’m speaking the truth. Sigh… How am I supposed to explain this to you?” James was helpless. Thea lightly waved and interrupted him, “Fine, I can understand why you followed me. After all, Mr. Caden was the one who sent the betrothal gifts. Your worries are valid. Go home for now. I’ll have a look at Pacific Group.”

At that moment, the glamorous-looking Quincy, who wore a red dress, approached them.

From afar, she saw Thea speaking to an ordinary-looking man.

Ignoring James, she pulled at Thea and asked, “How was it? Did you manage to meet the chairman of Majestic Corporation? Was it him?”

Saying that, she took a photo out.

Though the photo was old, she could see a handsome-looking young man.

Thea shook her head, “I met him, but he was wearing a silver mask I couldn’t see his face.”


Quincy sighed. “I don’t know why, but the chairman refused to see me. They told me the chairman would see me if I passed the interview. However, I still didn’t get to meet him.”

“What? You passed?”

“Of course.” Quincy wore a smug look. “Don’t you know who I am? I was the vice-president of a large corporation overseas, and my annual salary was thirty million dollars. The moment I return to Cansington, many businesses were eager for me to join them. Even Transgenerational Group sent me an offer letter. However, I wasn’t interested. I only want to know if it was James who’d survived ten years ago.”

“Oh, yeah. Who’s this, by the way?” Quincy glanced at James. Thea pulled at James and forced an awkward smile. “This is my husband, James.” Quincy crossed her arms and scrutinized James. Immediately, she frowned. “Thea, he’s not worthy of you.” Quincy was the vice-president of a large corporation overseas and had met countless people. With just a glimpse, she could see through the character of a person. she saw only plainness and idleness in him. Along with the rumors on the street, she knew immediately what kind of man James was.

Meanwhile, James was staring at her.

Goodness! How could there be such a coincidence?

Quincy was his first love from ten years ago. Although ten years had passed and she did look very different, her features remained the same. James’ brazen stare disgusted Quincy. Meanwhile, Thea smiled awkwardly. “My husband is nice to me.”

“Thea, are you dumb? Can niceness pay the bills? with your looks, you can definitely find a better man. Do you know Zavier Watson? We were in the same university overseas. We get along well. I’ll introduce him to you in the future.” 1 Thea felt awkward.

She had only just met Zavier yesterday. Meanwhile, Quincy continued blabbering, “The Watsons are worth at least hundreds of billions. Besides, Zavier’s a smart guy and is business savvy. He raked in a few billion dollars while he was overseas. If it weren’t for me fixating on my first love, James, I wouldn’t have introduced such a brilliant man to you.” 1 Upon bringing up James, she glanced at Thea’s husband and said coldly, “I heard your name is James too. You’ve really sullied his good name.” James awkwardly smiled. He remained silent in the face of his ex-girlfriend’s relentless remarks. Meanwhile, Thea smiled. “Quincy, you shouldn’t let such a brilliant man go to waste. I’m married, after all. So, I won’t be getting involved in this.” James felt cheerful upon seeing Thea defend him against an outsider. Even if she had the one she had saved, the one who saved her, and the mysterious Mr. Caden in her heart, there was still a place for him.

He found the whole thing amusing.

He wondered who Thea would love more in the end. Would it be him or the other him?

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