The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Quincy looked at James.

She was not trying to look down on him. However, he was simply too ordinary. Someone of his caliber was not worthy of Thea.

As her former best friend, she would never allow Thea to be restrained by such a worthless Пап.

She also had her reasons for introducing Thea to Zavier.

Zavier had been chasing her for a few years now. However, she had not accepted his courtship.

Though he was an excellent man, she only had James on her mind. All this while, she believed James was still alive.

She did not know that the man before her was her first love.

After being badly bumt, James’ appearance changed. Though his looks were restored, he now looked different.

“James, have some self-awareness. Think about it. How are you worthy of Thea? Let’s do this. I’ll give you two million dollars as compensation for the divorce. As long as you manage your finances well, you won’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life anymore.”

James chuckled. When did Quincy become this bossy? Why was an outsider like her interfering in their relationship?

“I’m sorry. I’d like to turn down the offer. Two million dollars are incomparable to Thea. Even if you gave me two hundred billion, I wouldn’t leave her.” James brusquely rejected her offer. Meanwhile, Quincy chose to ignore him. She pulled at Thea. “Thea, it’s been so long. Let’s hang out.” Saying that, she grabbed Thea by the arm and walked toward a parking lot not too far away.

Thea turned and waved to James. “Go home.”

James did not chase after them.

He watched Thea get into a luxury car. He scratched his nose and muttered, “The Xylas are pretty rich, huh?” Ten years ago, he was in a relationship with Quincy for half a year. Although he knew she was rich and would be driven around in a luxury car, he was not aware of how wealthy the Xylas were James did not think much of it.

After Thea left, he called for a taxi.

Before he could get into the taxi, a jeep approached him.

The windows rolled down.

In the passenger seat, the Blithe king waved at James. “Where are you going? Need a ride?”

James thought about his offer. He could save a few dollars if someone was willing to bring him home.

He got into the Blithe king’s car.

Daniel was the one driving.

Meanwhile, the Blithe King got off from the passenger seat and went to the back to sit with James. He passed James a cigarette. James accepted it. The Blithe King pulled out a lighter and lit James’ cigarette.

The Blithe king was acting abnormally.

James was puzzled. Normally, he would avoid him at all costs. What was going on today? “Blithe King, you must be up to something. What’s with you today?” The Blithe King snickered. “As expected of the Black Dragon. You see through everything. Indeed, I need your help with something.” Smoking his cigarette, James said coldly, “Get straight to the point.”

The Blithe King pulled out a classified document and handed it to James,

James took it and looked at it. Immediately, he tossed it aside and said, “What does this have to do with me?” The Blithe king replied, “The higher-ups ordered me to build a special forces team. Candidates from all military regions and police forces will go through a screening process, and ten thousand among them will be chosen to undergo special training. Only those who pass the special training may join the special forces.” “Mhm.” James nodded. “I’ve looked through the document, but what does this have to do with me? The document states that you’re the person in charge.”

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