The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 263

Chapter 263 The Blithe King smiled. “Black Dragon, I’ve been cleaning up the mess you created all this while. Shouldn’t you at least help me out here?”

James glanced at the Blithe King and asked coldly, “What do you want me to do?”

The Blithe King immediately said, “You’re a legendary figure in the army worshipped by many. I plan to make you the Chief Instructor of the special training…”

James immediately lifted his hand and interrupted the Blithe King.

“Forget it. I’m living as free as a bird. I’m not creating trouble for myself.”

The Blithe King explained, “You’ll just be a figurehead. It’ll certainly motivate those who are participating in the special training. If we announce that those who pass the special training will get to meet the Black Dragon, those guys will do their very best. There’s no need for you to personally direct the training. You just have to make an appearance and give a motivational speech every once in a while.”

“I see…»

James was deep in thought. After arriving in Cansington, the Blithe King had been helping him out on many occasions. It was a two-way street.

“Fine. I’m in.”

Upon hearing this, the Blithe king was delighted.

With the Black Dragon participating, the mission would be a resounding success.

Who was the Black Dragon? He was a commanding presence molded from the carnage of war. From a common soldier, he climbed his ranks by stepping on the corpses of his enemies.

The Blithe King had seen the Black Dragon’s hand. He knew one could not stand against him in a fight.

“Umm… Black Dragon… There’s one more thing…” “Cut to the chase.”

The Blithe King pulled out another document and handed it to James. “These are orders from the higher-ups. Have a look.”

James glimpsed through the document and frowned. “Were you behind this? Henry’s taking a temporary post at the Southern Plains. What does forming a special forces team within the country have to do with the Southern Plains? Why did you appoint him as an officer?”

The Blithe King smiled. “Since he’s free, I might as well give him some chores.”

James said coldly, “Since the higher-ups have issued the document, why don’t you go straight to Henry? What’s the point of showing me this?”

The Blithe King had an embarrassed look. “Everyone knows your temperament. Even if the

higher-ups gave their direct orders, you’d overrule the instructions if you disapproved of them.”

James thought about it and said, “Fine, I’ll ask him. I’ll allow him to train these recruits if he’s fine with it. If he isn’t, there’s nothing I can do.” Saying that, James put away the document and said, “Bring me to Common Clinic.” The Blithe king ordered, “Daniel, you heard him.”

“Roger that.” Daniel started the engines and drove to Common Clinic.

Soon, they arrived.

Last night, Henry was terribly drunk He had experienced a luxurious and pleasure-seeking life and was inebriated.

He stayed the night at the nightclub and only returned this morning.

Along the way, he bumped into a girl, and they had a misunderstanding Now, the girl had followed him all the way to the Common Clinic.

At the clinic, Henry looked at the red-haired, twenty-year-old lady in a revealing dress before him helplessly. “Miss, I told you it was all a misunderstanding. I bumped into you because I was zoned out. I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you. Why are you being so persistent?” The lady sat on a chair with her legs crossed. Sucking on a lollipop, she spoke absent-mindedly, “I don’t care about the reasons. Anyhow, since you bumped into me, you’ll have to take responsibility. Coincidentally, I have no place to go at the moment, so I’ll be staying at your place for the time being. I’ll forgive you if you provide me with accommodation and free food for three months. Or else, I’m reporting you to the authorities for trying to molest me.”

Saying that, she stood up. Removing her dress, she pulled Henry’s arm and pressed it against her breast. “Hehe, I have your fingerprints on me now. If you reject my offer, I’ll call the cops.” The lady spoke with a triumphant look on her face. “Hey, Henry, you brought one back?”

A burst of obnoxious laughter came from the door.

It was James who had just arrived.

He chuckled upon witnessing the scene as he entered.

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