The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 265

Chapter 265

Henry really was acquainted with the Blithe King. He was even talking to him with a smile on his face.

The Blithe King did not stay for long. He instructed Daniel, “Return at once.” “Hey, wait…”

James opened the car door. “Give me a ride home.”

Saying that, he called out to Henry, “Henry, don’t fool around too much when I’m not around.”

Henry blushed. He had been fooling around last night. He was drunk and did not know how many women he had slept with. In any case, he had slept with many. Recalling the scene, adrenaline pumped through his veins.

Only after the Blithe King’s car disappeared from view did he recollect himself. He took a deep breath and muttered silently, “I shouldn’t be fooling around anymore.”

He turned.


As he turned, he got a fright.

Looking at Whitney behind him, he rebuked her, “Are you trying to scare me? At least make some sounds when you walk!”

Biting her finger, Whitney stared at Henry and asked, “Henry, who exactly are you?”

Henry ignored her. He dashed into the clinic and slammed the door shut. Whitney chased after him and kicked the door. “Henry, open the door! I’m warning you… Don’t even think of shaking me off!” Thea was hanging out with Quincy in the mall. Quincy was brainwashing Thea to divorce her husband the entire time.

She described James as a good-for-nothing man: useless, unkempt, and unambitious. On the other hand, she kept praising Zavier as a corporate genius and a wizard of finance Thea was absent-minded the whole afternoon.

After meeting the mysterious Mr. Caden, the image of the handsome man in a spotless white suit stuck in her mind all day.

His charisma and the way he spoke were irresistible to her.

In particular, his decisive, assertive, and unquestionable tone had won her over entirely.

She could not help but compare her husband to the mysterious Mr. Caden. The more she compared thein, the more ordinary her husband, James, seemed. She could not pinpoint a single strength in him.

She wavered.

She thought about divorcing James. However, she immediately dismissed the idea.

She remembered the care and warmth James had shown her. “Quincy, please stop. I know Mr. Watson is a distinguished and successful man, but I’m living a happy life now. I don’t care what anyone thinks of James or how unambitious he is. As long as he treats me well, that’s enough.” “Sigh…” Quincy sighed. “Thea, you’re too soft. I heard he treated your injuries, but that isn’t love. Just give him some money and treat it as a medical expense. I can see you don’t have feelings for him.” “Huh?” Thea looked at Quincy. Quincy continued, “When you two met just now, I saw you weren’t holding his hand. Those aren’t feelings of love you’re feeling, but gratitude. Listen to me. Give him some money and send him away. If you’re short on cash, I can lend you some.’ Thea was feeling disoriented Was it not love? Was it really just gratitude?

Thinking about the time she spent with James did not cause her heart to thump or her adrenaline to pump. However, those things did happen when she saw the mysterious Mr. Caden. Her heart raced, and adrenaline pumped through her veins. She felt nervous and was at a loss.

Were these not feelings of affection, as written in the books?

At that moment, Thea, too, felt she was not in love with James. She felt no love for him, only gratitude.

She was thankful to him for treating her injuries.

“Sigh!” She sighed deeply and shook off the thoughts from her mind. “Quincy, thank you. I’ll think about what you said.”

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