The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 266

Chapter 266 James returned to the Callahans.

However, no one was home. Everyone had gone to Goodview Villa District.

As James had left hurriedly earlier this morning, he had forgotten his keys. He wanted to call Thea, but he dismissed the idea immediately. He sat by the stairs outside the door and smoked his cigarettes. He pulled his phone out and played Plant vs. Zombies to pass time.

Soon, it was noon.

Before the rest of the Callahans came back, Thea returned.

She saw James sitting by the stairs the moment she got off the elevator. She frowned and questioned, “Why are you sitting here?”

Hearing her voice, James hurriedly stood.

Putting away his phone, he smiled. “I forgot my keys, darling. No one’s home, so I waited here.”

Thea glanced at James and said nothing. She turned toward the door. Then, she pulled out her keys and unlocked the door.

James followed her in.

“Have you eaten, honey? Should I cook something?”

“I’ve already eaten, but go and cook something up anyway. Otherwise, my mom’s going to chew you out again. I’m going to take a nap and will be heading to Pacific Group later this afternoon. Don’t interrupt my nap.”

Saying that, she turned to leave.

She did not sleep well last night. After a hectic morning, she was completely exhausted. James looked at Thea entering her room. He could feel her apathy toward him. “Sigh!” He sighed.

He had wanted to cheer Thea up by sending her gifts. He did not expect things to get out of hand.

Since things had come to this, he would let fate take its course.

Their marriage was not established on a deep emotional basis anyway.

Even if Thea had fallen for another man, be it the other him, it would not be such a terrible ending He went to the ditchen and contemplated while cooking.

He was contemplating whether he should give up on being the son-in-law of the Callahans and approach Thea as the mysterious Mr. Caden. The more he thought about it, the more complicated things all seemed. Relationships were much more complex than killing enemies on the battlefield. Soon, the Callahans returned.

“Mom, the villa is unbelievably luxurious. It’s far better than the Callahans’ villa. Mom, when are we moving in?”

James could hear David’s excited voice coming from the living room. Alyssa exclaimed, “All my life, I’ve never seen such a luxurious villa! Let’s move in ASAP. I want the room by the door on the second floor. The balcony’s simply too big.” Carrying the dishes in his hands, James walked out of the kitchen and said, “Time to eat!” Upon seeing James, Gladys’ good mood was instantly ruined. She stood up and reproached him. “How shameless of you, James. Why have you not left yet? Do you need me to escort you out with a broom?” “Mom…” James had a helpless look on his face. “Don’t call me that. I don’t have such an incapable son-in-law like you. I’m telling you. You have to divorce Thea today. I’m moving into the villa to enjoy my life.” David walked over to him and pleaded, “James, I’m begging you. Divorce Thea. I don’t want to have such a useless brother-in-law like you. You can’t give me luxurious cars, villas, and the life I want.”

James scratched his nose in frustration. Did they not just want money? He had plenty. They just did not believe him. The commotion in the living room prevented Thea from taking a good nap.

Wearing a surly expression, she walked out of the room and said coldly, “Mr. Caden has told me those are tokens of gratitude for saving his life and not betrothal gifts. Feel free to move into the villa. Just don’t bring up the issue of divorce anymore.”

James looked at Thea appreciatively.

Thea returned the gaze.

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