The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 270

Chapter 270 After resolving his business with Zavier, James left the House of Royals and headed to the Callahans.

He stayed at home the whole afternoon. Meanwhile, Gladys and the others had gone to the bank to deposit the money. Thea had gone to Pacific Group.

As she had just taken over Pacific Group, she had a lot of matters to attend to. As such, she had to stay there past six in the evening. As Gladys had made an appointment with Zavier, she got worried upon seeing Thea being occupied with work she gave her a call and demanded she returned home immediately.

Thea thought something had happened and hurriedly made her way home.

“Thea, change into something glamorous. Put on some make-up and wear some jewelry.”

Thea was puzzled. “Mom, what are you up to this time?”

Gladys smiled. “You’ve got a dinner date with Zavier. Stop dilly-dallying. Zavier’s a busy man. Now that he’s made time to have a meal with us, we should make haste.”

Thea’s face immediately darkened. “I’m not going. You go ahead.”

Gladys put her hands on her hips and scolded Thea. “Are you defying my orders now, Thea Callahan? Who took care of you for the past ten years? Do you know how much I was ridiculed and made fun of because of you? Because of you, I couldn’t hold my head high in the Hills family. Great! Now that you’re beautiful, have you grown defiant?”

“Sob… Why is my life so miserable?”

Gladys started throwing a tantrum. “If you don’t come, I’ll leap off the eighth floor. There’s no point in living anymore!”

Saying that, she opened the window and prepared to jump.

Benjamin grabbed her in time and looked at Thea. “Thea, how could you disobey your mother for someone like James?” David chimed in, “That’s right, Thea. Is James really worth it?” The entire family was trying to convince Thea. Thea’s eyes were brimming with tears. Why was her life so miserable?

she looked at James. Her aggrieved look broke James’ heart. ?

“Thea, why not have a meal with Mr. Watson? I’ll go as well.”

“Are you dumb?” Thea scolded him. “What are you thinking? Why would you allow your wife to dine with other men? And you’re even thinking of coming along? Are you not aware of your status? If you go, you’ll be ridiculed and belittled. Even if you aren’t ashamed, I am!”

James did not expect her to have such a huge reaction. After all, he had dealt with everything.

Zavier would not dare go after his wife anymore. Not only that, Zavier would make it clear that he would no longer pester Thea.

Thea felt disheartened upon seeing James’ nonchalant look If James had been more capable and ambitious, her mother would not have tried searching for another man for her. Seeing the expression on her mother’s face, Thea pleaded, “Knock it off, mom! I’m going!” Gladys stopped making a scene and immediately instructed, “Then, what are you standing there for? Get moving!” Crestfallen, Thea went to her room and got dressed. James, on the other hand, sat on the sofa in silence. Soon, Thea changed into a tailor-made dress. Then, they went to the Gourmand. Zavier had booked the Diamond Room at the Gourmand. It was the most luxurious room. He did not want to show up after finding out James’ identity. However, since James demanded he came, he had no other choice.

He had been waiting since five o’clock He waited for two hours.

Thea and her family arrived at seven. Following the lead of the waiter, Thea and the others entered the Diamond Room.

For the past two hours, Zavier was restless.

He only regained his senses when someone entered the room. Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he swiftly stood up and greeted, “Ms. Thea, you’re here. Hello to you too, Gladys and Benjamin.”

Upon seeing James who came in last, he felt shivers down his spine.

As they say, the basis of social relationships was reciprocity. Seeing how friendly Zavier was, Thea stopped wearing the surly expression on her face. She smiled at him and greeted, “Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Zavier.” “Ah, it’s fine. I only just arrived myself. Ms. Thea, please have a sit.”

Zavier invited them to take their seats.

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