The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Bryan walked in the moment Thea took her seat. With a bright smile, he said, “You’ve arrived, Ms. Thea.” Saying that, he snapped his fingers. A row of waiters walked in with gifts in their hands. There were dresses, necklaces, and handbags. “Ms. Thea, I took my time looking for these.” Thea frowned. Bryan had been very friendly to her every time they met. She had refused his gifts many times now.

“Mr. Grayson, how thoughtful of you.” Gladys stood up and accepted the gifts. “Mom, what are you doing? We can’t accept them,” Thea hurriedly spoke. Gladys said with a smile, “We shouldn’t let Mr. Grayson’s efforts go to waste.” “Indeed, ” Bryan said, “These aren’t worth much anyway.”

“I’ll accept them on behalf of Thea,” Gladys said with a bright smile.

She had accepted so many gifts that her arms had gotten tired.

After presenting the gifts, Bryan made his way out.

Soon, the food was served. James did not join in the conversation. Instead, he was busy eating.

Seeing how he gobbled up his food, Thea frowned and looked at Zavier apologetically, “Mr. Watson, I’m sorry you have to see this.”

“It’s nothing.” Zavier stood up immediately and said, “Actually, I have something to tell you.” “Accept it!”

Before he could finish his words, Gladys stood up and looked at Zavier with satisfaction. “I’m satisfied with you being my son-in-law. Thea can divorce James anytime and marry you instead.”

“Mom…” Thea shot her a look of resentment.

How would Zavier dare marry Thea now that he knew of her identity?

He had no right to enjoy such a beautiful woman. Only someone such as the Black Dragon was worthy of her. “Gladys, you’re mistaken.” Worried James might be enraged, Zavier hurriedly explained, “I was going to say that I’m unworthy of Thea.”


Gladys froze.

David was stunned.

Gladys stared at Zavier in disbelief.

Even Thea was dumbfounded.

As a woman, it was only natural to secretly rejoice in being pursued by men. So, what was Zavier trying to say when he spoke those words? At that moment, everyone fixed their gaze on Zavier. Looking at James, who was gobbling up his food, Zavier explained, “Thea’s beauty and glamor are unrivaled. I’m not worthy of her. Only James is.”

Upon hearing this, Thea glanced at James and could not help but curl her lips.

Gladys recovered from her shock and smiled. “You must be kidding, Mr. Zavier. Putting your family aside, I heard you’ve raked in billions of dollars overseas in just a few years. If you aren’t worthy of Thea, how would a useless piece of garbage like James be worthy of her?’ “I speak the truth. I’m unworthy. Ms. Thea, sorry for the intrusion back then. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Zavier bowed deeply.

His actions puzzled the Callahans.

Meanwhile, Thea glanced at James.

He had remained silent the entire conversation.

Thea murmured in her heart, ‘Could it be that the mysterious Mr. Caden went to find Zavier after knowing he sent gifts to my house?’ She believed that was what happened. Otherwise, why would Zavier change his mind and even begin showing her respect in just a day? He was showing her respect because of the mysterious Mr. Caden. Thinking about the mysterious Mr. Caden, her heart skipped a beat.

Though he had a crush on her, he remained silent after knowing she was married. He even secretly dealt with Zavier and tried matchmaking her and James. James, on the other hand, was petty. He did not trust her and even trailed her.

Thinking about this, Thea felt more and more disheartened.

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