The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 275

Chapter 275 “Ah, you’re Mr. Kaffenberger?” Delighted, Thea immediately shook his hand. However, Walter clasped her hand and did not loosen his grip. Thea hurriedly retracted her hand,

Walter scrutinized her.

She was indeed a glamorous and elegant woman.

As expected of the number one beauty in all of Cansington.

He heard she had connections with plenty of bigwigs. However, he was undaunted.

“Ms. Thea, I heard you’re here on behalf of Pacific Group.” He scanned from her head to her toe with a satisfied look.

“Yes, I’m now the chairman of Pacific Group. As there were some disputes between Pacific Group and your company, I believe we should have a talk to straighten things out.” “I see. Let’s go to my office, then.”

Walter made a welcoming gesture.

Thea did not turn down his offer,

She followed behind Walter and headed toward the executive director’s office.

Thea took a seat on a sofa in the office.

Meanwhile, Walter was seated opposite her, brazenly checking her out.

Watching her breasts under her white blouse bursting to get out, he gulped.

“Ms. Thea, what are you here for today?”

Walter had a mischievous look on his face.

Thea spoke, “Mr. Kaffenberger, we at Pacific Group have always been strict with the quality of our products. As such, there have been no blunders in the past decades. Now, however, your company has refused to pay the thirty million dollars final payment by claiming that our products are defective.”

Walter lightly waved and interrupted her, “We’ve hired an authoritative body to conduct appraisal work, and it’s evident something was wrong with your medical supplies. We’ve been very forgiving. As we’ve been partners for quite some time, we chose not to pursue matters any further.”

Thea was here to demand payment. However, Walter made no mention of it and even emphasized the fact that they chose not to hold them accountable.

His words prevented Thea from pursuing matters any further.

“Mr. Kaffenberger…”

Walter lifted his hand once more and interrupted her. “Ms. Thea, the court has given its final verdict on this matter. If you find the outcome unsatisfactory, feel free to appeal to a higher court. No more of this today. Let’s talk money. Is Pacific Group’s cash flow running dry recently? If so, I can lend you money personally. Ten million? Or maybe hundreds of millions? Anything for you.” “Mr. Kaffenberger, is there really no way around this?” “What? Do you not understand my words?” Walter’s face darkened, and he said coldly, “I told you to stop bringing this up.” “In that case, we’ll meet in court.” Thea stood up to leave. As she opened the office’s door, four bodyguards stood in her way. She turned and looked at Walter who was sitting on the sofa, crossing his legs. Her face darkened, and she scowled, “Mr. Kaffenberger, what’s the meaning of this?”


Walter laughed.

“Thea, did you not do your research before coming here? You may enter as you please. However, don’t think about leaving so easily. I’m not afraid of Alex Yates, just so you know.” “You…” At that moment, Thea sensed danger. “Come here and serve me well. I promise I’ll give you thirty million dollars after our session. How’s that for a deal?”

Walter scrutinized Thea.

The more he looked at her, the more attractive she seemed.

Her figure and her features were just… Mhm… Perfection! “Walter, I’ll pretend this conversation never happened.”

Saying that, she turned toward the bodyguard blocking her way and bellowed, “Out of my


“Let her leave.”

Walter grinned mischievously. He knew she would be back before long, crawling into his bed and servicing him.

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