The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Henry did not manage to get an answer and simply drove to Purity Pharmaceuticals’ headquarters.

When they arrived, Purity Pharmaceuticals’ employees had already left work, and the entire building was pitch black

“James, it’s almost ten, and there isn’t anyone left. Why don’t we come back tomorrow?”

“What tomorrow? Head to Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory.”


Henry turned around and went to Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory.

The factory was located in the suburbs and was quite far away.

While they were on the way to the factory, Jake had already gathered 1,000 men and 300 excavators heading there.

Jake also had another identity as the genius doctor of Cansington, Jay Fallon.

It was impossible for him not to know Purity Pharmaceuticals since he controlled the underground intelligence network

Purity Pharmaceuticals had many shareholders, including a senior official in the legal department,

However, the real owners of the company were Infinite Commerce.

Infinite Commerce was a large chamber of commerce throughout the entire country. Many bigwigs were in this chamber of commerce, including some prominent families from the capital.

The chamber of commerce was not famous in Cansington but was well-known all over the country

Jake would never offend Purity Pharmaceuticals if it was not for James. Since James had made the request, jake would surely stand on his side.

This was the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains. So what if they were a powerful chamber of commerce? There was only one fate for those who offended a person standing on the pyramid of power destruction!


However, he could not deal with it personally because of his unique identity. Soon, 300 excavators and 1,000 people appeared outside of Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory, The Pacific Group’s factory was inferior to this massive factory with 10,000 employees. At this moment, the factory was working overtime.

The security guards trembled in fear when they saw the 300 excavators and 1,000 people that appeared.

“Calling for support, calling for support. We have a problem here. Security guards, we need immediate support…” The factory security guards were notified in an instant. They quickly assembled at the gate.

The 300 or more security guards became timid, and no one dared to leave the factory entrance when they saw the 300 excavators and 1,000 people outside. No one dared to act rashly after seeing the excavators. The person in charge of the factory quickly reported the situation to the higher-ups.

Walter was in a clubhouse and entangled with a young model.

His phone rang.

Seeing that it was the factory manager, he answered the phone and impatiently scolded him,” Steven, do you have a death wish? Why’re you calling me at night?” “M-Mr. Walter, we have a problem! A huge problem! There are three hundred excavators and more than one thousand people outside the factory right now. It’s a terrifying scene, and it

seems they want to raze Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory to the ground.” “To the people inside, listen carefully! Immediately disperse and get out. Otherwise, don’t blame us if anyone innocent gets hurt…”

Walter could hear the shouting through the speakers at the factory. Walter immediately cursed out, “Are they crazy? I want to see who dares to cause trouble in our factory today!” He hung up the phone and made another phone call immediately. “Dawson, there’s a problem at the factory. Get three thousand people to support us at the factory instantly!” He hung up and made another phone call. “Mr. Zaborowski, something has happened. Send a thousand specialized police unit officers to the Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory immediately!” After making two consecutive phone calls, Walter dressed up and left the clubhouse. He ran multiple red lights on the way and speeded to the factory. James and Henry arrived exceptionally late. However, they did not make an appearance and simply watched from the car. The 300 excavators and thousands of people shocked those present. The factory manager was worried about accidents, so he immediately dismissed all the overtime workers.

Soon, everyone working fled the factory. “Bring it down…” Standing on an excavator in front, a man dressed in black clothing and a black hat gave the order.

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