The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Interview room. A middle-aged man received a call.

“Yes, yes, alright.”

He hung up the phone and glanced at Quincy sitting across from him.

He stood up with a smile and said, “Congratulations, Ms. Xyla. The chairman is very satisfied with you. We’ll give you a three-month trial period for the role of vice president. I hope you perform well and don’t disappoint the chairman’s expectations of you.”


Quincy was surprised. She specified that she was only applying as a department manager in her resume.

Why were they suddenly offering her the position as vice president now?

The Transgenerational Group’s vice president was not comparable to Majestic Corporation.

Majestic Corporation’s assets in total would be about tens of billions.

In comparison, the Transgenerational Group had assets worth trillions. This was not their market value but the real assets they possessed.

Although it was the same position, the worth of it was different.

Chairman’s office

After resolving Quincy’s application, James glanced at Scarlett and said, “We’ve temporarily solved the position of the vice president, so now could you help me arrange a job? I need a nominal job title in Transgenerational Group.” “What?”

Scarlett was taken aback Nominal job title?

The owner of Cansington’s Transgenerational Group wanted a nominal job title in his own company?

“What’re you trying to do, James?” Scarlett recollected herself and inquired.

James thought about it for a while and said, “It’ll be best if it’s a position that sounds very capable and influential. One that can scare those outside the profession but not insiders. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be a job where I must come to the company daily. I’m not that free.”


Scarlet was lost in her thoughts.

Does such a job exist?’

Then, a thought flashed in her mind, and she said, “I know. James, how about an account executive?”


“What’s it responsible for?” asked James.

“It’s the kind where you need to negotiate outside with clients. You won’t have to come to report to the company every day. It’s also an executive position, which is quite a high position if you tell others. However, those within the field know that you’re an ordinary salesperson. Every company’s salesperson would claim to be an account executive when negotiating business outside to sound higher in position.” “Then an account executive it is.”

James laughed.

It was not too shabby

An account executive at the Transgenerational Group was quite an admirable position.

The position was enough to scare plenty of people. “James, I’ll go through the onboarding procedures immediately and pass you a name tag.” “What do you mean by that?” James was a little puzzled. Scarlett explained, “It’s like this, James. The Transgenerational Group is going to be transformed into a world-class organization. Thus, an identity tag is a representation of being employed under the Transgenerational Group. It’s similar to a person’s identity card. It’s unique and encrypted by the latest electronic encryption system. It’s something that cannot be replicated or faked.” “Oh, okay. Go ahead then.” James realized that Scarlett had done a lot during this period. The identity tag sounded very high-end.

Scarlett left.

Soon, James’ onboarding procedures were completed, and he obtained his identity tag.

The identity tag was the same size as an identity card, and the format was a little similar to a business card with the employee’s name and position Scarlett handed it over and said, “James, this is your identity tag.”

James took it and observed it.

It was heavy The front of the identity had the words Transgenerational Group and a special logo on it.

The logo was very simple. It was an illusory figure stepping across the moon. This logo representing the Transgenerational Group seemed to have been carefully designed. The employee’s name and position were on the other side.

[Name: James Caden] (Position: Account Executive] “It’s pretty good,” James praised with a satisfied expression.

“J James.” Scarlett hesitated.


“Why’re you hesitating? Just tell me if you’ve something to say,” James looked at her and asked.

Scarlett took out a few more identity tags and handed them to James. “I-I prepared these for you. You can see whichever suits you. You can hold onto it in case you need it in the future.”

Scarlett understood that James kept a low profile and did not want to reveal his identity. However, they were in a generation where one’s capabilities mattered.

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