The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 285

Chapter 285 No matter where one would get looked down upon with capabilities.

Therefore, Scarlett prepared a lot of identity tags for James. James casually picked up a few and looked at them. Name: James[Position: Chairman of the Transgenerational Group

Name: James

Position: Head of Security Department

Name: James

Position: General Manager of the Transgenerational Group

James found it funny after seeing all the identity tags. “What’s the point of all of these, Scarlett? Do you expect me to use all these to show off?”

“James, I…” “It’s alright. I know you had good intentions. This account executive identity tag is enough. You can put away the rest.” “Alright.”

Scarlett nodded and put away the identity tag.

James did not stay in the Transgenerational Group for long and decided to leave soon.

Outside Transgenerational Tower. He stood outside and could not help but be astonished by the countless professional people dressed neatly walking in and out of the building. He never imagined that he would embark on the road of business one day.

He touched his nose and muttered, ‘Life sure is unpredictable.’

“What’re you being so sentimental about?”

A voice sounded.

James raised his head. Quincy had appeared in front of him while he was not paying attention. “What happened? You couldn’t find a job and have hit a wall?” Quincy crossed her arms and glanced at James.

“Of course not.” James smiled as he took out his identity tag and shook it in front of Quincy.

“Do you see it? I’m an executive,” James said proudly. Quincy saw it very clearly.

Account executive.

She knew that most salespersons in large organizations have their positions written as account executives on business cards. Thus, it was the same for the Transgenerational Group.

Although it was a simple salesman position, Quincy was still slightly surprised. James had returned after retiring from the military and had no business skills. How was it possible for him to successfully get a job as a salesman at Transgenerational Group? The Transgenerational Group had extremely high requirements for their salesmen. They wanted talents that graduated from prominent universities and had rich working experience.

James had neither of these.

“What about you? Did you get the job?” James glanced at Quincy and asked with a smile. Quincy was a very smart, gentle, and ambitious girl in his memories.

He had not seen her for ten years, and Quincy had changed a lot.

She still had strong ambitions but was no longer gentle at all.

Instead, she was domineering and cold.

This was what James thought of her now.

Quincy did not want to bother saying anything to James. Was it necessary for her to show off to a live-in son-in-law that she got the job as the vice president of the Transgenerational Group and would start work tomorrow? There was no pride in showing off to him.

She simply put on her sunglasses, turned around, and left. James looked at her walking away, and smiled. “She’s pretty cold.”

“Woah! It’s Kian! My Kian!”

At this moment, a sudden commotion happened outside the Transgenerational Group

Many girls rushed toward a car. The door opened, and a handsome man dressed in a white suit with silver hair got out of the car

The girls screamed as he got out of the car, and many people in the distance took out their phones to snap pictures. “Who is this? He sure stirred up quite a scene.” James frowned.

Quincy, who was leaving, caught sight of the handsome man getting out of the car, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

Her arrogant attitude was gone as she trotted over to catch a glimpse of the handsome man.

“Kian, I’m a fan of yours! I love the lyrics you wrote! Could you please sign on your song,

Tomorrow Will Be Better’s music sheet for me?” she screamed.

‘What a fangirl.” James siniled after seeing the scene. He thought that Quincy was cold and proud.

He never expected to have a complete change in attitude when seeing a celebrity.

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