The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Kian Campbell! He first made his debut through a model show. With his talented singing and movie appearances, he quickly became the most famous celebrity in the county. The price of starring him in a movie was 100 million, and he only accepted the leading roles. Kian glanced at the enthusiastic girls surrounding him, and a bright smile appeared on his face. Then, he reached out to give high-fives to the fans. “Alright. This is not a fan meeting. Kian is very busy, and if you want to take a picture, you can go leave a message on his Twitter, and one lucky winner will be picked to take a picture with him.”

Kian’s manager stepped forward. Several bodyguards surrounded Kian and protected him as he left into the Transgenerational Tower under the enthusiastic screams of the people around him. James approached Quincy and said with a smile, “I never expected you to be a fangirl that chased after celebrities.”

“What do you know?”

Quincy glanced at James and raised his head, “I’m not chasing after a celebrity. I just love his songs. They expressed the words in my heart through his song.” “You’re the vice president of the Transgenerational Group. This guy must be here to join the entertainment company under the group. It’ll be easy for you to take a photo with him.”

Quincy rolled her eyes at James. “Work is work! It’s taboo to use work for personal gain. I stay true to my professional ethics. That’s enough. I’m not going to continue this nonsense with you. I’ve made an appointment with Thea to celebrate my appointment as the vice president of Transgenerational Group.”

Quincy put on her large sunglasses again and turned to leave as James watched her.

James glanced at Quincy, who was leaving with a satisfied look on her face. Although she was prideful, she was still a pretty good person. At least her refusing to use work for personal gains as it was a taboo made James deeply admire her.

“Maybe I should get an album autograph too?”

James turned around and glanced at the Transgenerational Tower.

He had never heard of this celebrity called Kian Campbell.

However, he had seen that Thea’s phone wallpaper was this fair-skinned and ferninine man, Klan.

The songs that she often listened to also seemed to be his songs.

It was evident that Thea was also a fan of Kian.

Thea would surely be happy if he could get a signed album for her. James returned to the Transgenerational Tower after the thought popped up in his mind. Top floor, Chairman’s office. James turned on the surveillance footage.

He watched the surveillance of one of the reception rooms.

In the reception room, Kian sat on the sofa with dissatisfaction on his face. He said, “This group of fans are disgusting. That chubby girl was almost about to pounce on me. I was so disgusted.

He expressed his dissatisfaction on his face while speaking of it.

It was as if he was going to vomit.

James sat in the office chair and watched Kian in the reception room. “It seems he’s another one of those celebrities that pretends to be nice to fans on the surface but secretly hates them,” he muttered.

Kian took out a tissue and wiped his hands. After wiping his hand, he threw the tissue onto the floor.

James took his actions to heart,

He squinted his eyes as he watched it happen. There was a trash can right next to him, but instead, he threw it directly on the floor. ‘Is this the manners of a public figure? Initially, he intended to help get a signature for Thea, but it seems that it was not necessary anymore.

He took out his phone and called Scarlett. “Scarlett, come to the office.”

Soon, Scarlett showed up.

“Is something the matter, James?” James pointed to Kian on the wall, playing through the surveillance footage, and asked,” What’s with this person?”

Scarlett shook her head. She was also unaware of why he was here.

“I’ll call and ask, James.”

She immediately went to inquire about the situation. Soon, she learned the person’s identity. “James, this man is called Kian. He is a popular celebrity right now. The Transgenerational Group has established Transgenerational Entertainment and Kian is here to sign a contract with us today.”

“That’s it?”

James thought about it for a while and said, “Alright, there’s nothing else. You can go back to work.”

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