The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 288

Chapter 288


James was puzzled.

He walked out normally from the elevator, so why was he suddenly being accused of an ambush?

“Stop accusing me of something I didn’t do. Who ambushed you? Why would I ambush you?” James’ face darkened, and dissatisfaction appeared on his face. Kian’s manager, Hellen, approached him and swung her hand at James’ face. James raised his hand and blocked his hand. “How dare you fight back?”

Hellen immediately shouted, “Do you know what you’ve just done? Do you know who you attacked? This man is a famous celebrity, Kian Campbell! What are you trying to do? Do you want to spend the rest of your life in prison?”

Many reporters were awaiting outside the Transgenerational Tower. Among them were also some reporters that Hellen had arranged. Many reporters would arrive in just a few minutes with a phone call from her.

The commotion at the elevator had attracted the attention of onlookers. Many people watched from a distance and discussed the scene.

“What happened?” “It seems that man dressed in ordinary clothes ambushed Kian.” “Does he have a death wish? How dare ambush a public figure?” “That guy’s life is over.” Many people felt sympathetic toward James. Why would he ambush a celebrity and waste his life in prison instead of living honestly?

The reporters surrounded them.

“Kian, tell us what happened.”

Kian pointed at James, who was surrounded by security guards, and said to the reporters, “I walked out of the elevator, and this person suddenly showed up. Then, he attacked my bodyguards, and I almost got hit.

“Did you get hurt, Kian?” “Are you alright, Kian?” “I’m alright,” Kian shook his head and replied to their questions. Afterward, Kian glanced at Hellen and said, “Forget it, Hellen. I didn’t get hurt anyway. Just let him go.”

Kian showed generosity in front of the media. However, the reporters were not satisfied with his decision.

“How could you let him go?”

“He’ll commit murder if you let him go this time. Such a person has to be severely punished.”

“Call the police.”

“This matter must be settled through the law.”

James watched the scene unfold in front of him with dissatisfaction on his face. Although he was unfamiliar with the entertainment industry, he knew that they often created hype through the media.

He immediately recognized that this incident was carefully planned out by Kian.

The purpose was to raise hype about him and the Transgenerational Group The media strongly insisted on getting the police involved and for James to be arrested.

Kian continued to act very generously and kept saying he would not pursue the case. Hellen immediately scolded James. “What’re you still standing there for? Come and thank Kian. You’d have to spend the rest of your life in prison if you offended someone else today.” “Thank you, Kian, for forgiving me,” James went over and said. “Alright. It’s no big deal. Don’t report nonsense in the media,” Hellen waved her hand and said to the media reporters.

“All of you disperse now. Thanks for caring for Kjan.”

Hellen greeted everyone warmly and dispersed the supporting crowd. However, no one paid any attention to James

He touched his nose and smiled faintly. Turning around, he took the elevator again to the top floor.

Scarlett was startled and asked, “What brings you back again, James?”

“Who’s in charge of Transgenerational Entertainment?” asked James

“It’s a guy recruited from another entertainment company. He knows a lot of people in the industry and brought more than twenty popular celebrities with him to our company.” Scarlett explained. “What’s his name?” “Harvey Shaw.”

“Call him to see me right away.”

“Understood. I’ll arrange it right away.”

Scarlett immediately made a phone call, “Call Harvey, the manager of the entertainment department, to come to the chairman’s office.

Harvey had a certain status in the entertainment industry.

He was the president of an entertainment company and was recruited for a lot of money to join the Transgenerational Group.

Plenty of celebrities came with him and stabilized Transgenerational Entertainment.

He had just signed a contract with Kian just a few moments ago. There was a call from the higher-ups to go to the chairman’s office. “Could it be that the chairman recently found out I’ve signed plenty of celebrities to the company and want to reward me?” Harvey was extremely excited as he thought about the possibility.

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