The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 289

Chapter 289 He immediately headed straight to the top floor. It had been a while since he joined the Transgenerational Group, but he had never been to the top floor.

The top floor was a restricted area, and they could not visit without permission. Even he was not allowed to come to the chairman’s office despite being the general manager of Transgenerational Entertainment.

He entered the office.

Harver was shocked that the office was more than 1,000 square meters.

“M-Ms. Brooks.”

He greeted Scarlett respectfully when he saw her.

The boss wants to see you.”


Harvey was slightly taken aback by her words.


‘Isn’t Scarlett the chairman of the Transgenerational Group? Is there another boss behind her?

He raised his head and saw James sitting in an office chair.

This man in ordinary clothes is the boss behind-the-scenes of the Transgenerational Group?

He was in disbelief.

However, there were only two people in the office. Harvey walked over respectfully and asked, “Boss, did you ask to see me?” James crossed his legs and said indifferently, “Did you sign on Kian?”


Harvey nodded.

He was confident that the upper-ups would reward him for it.

It was the result he expected. Kian was currently the most popular celebrity with hundreds of millions of followers. He was incredibly proud to have signed Kian.

“Call him to come back.”


Harvey was unaware of James’ intention so he immediately called Kian’s manager, Hellen.”

“Helen, have you gone far? Could you come back to Transgenerational Tower immediately?

Our chairman wants to see Kian. Yes, the chairman that bought the entire Transgenerational New City. Come back quickly.”

Harvey stood aside after making the call. Scarlet did not leave and also stood aside.

James took out a cigarette and lit it.

Time passed minute by minute. About half an hour later, Kian walked into the office with his manager, Hellen. Helen and Kian were shocked when they stepped into the luxurious and extravagant office of 1,000 square meters.

“M-Mr. Shaw. Oh, and M-Ms. Brooks.”

Kian immediately exclaimed when he saw Scarlett, “Ms. Brooks. I’ve heard a lot about you. I never expected to be fortunate enough to meet you today.”

“I’m the one who wants to see you.”

Kian raised his head and turned around when he heard another person’s voice.

A man sat in an office chair by the glass window.

Kian was dumbfounded to see the man.

“Go. Go to him,” said Scarlett.

Hellen and Kian were shocked.

The two approached James. “This is the real boss of the Transgenerational Group, Mr. Caden.”

“What…” Kian exclaimed.

James glanced at him playfully. “Kian, right? Hello, we meet again.” Hellen’s mind was buzzing,

After a few seconds, she immediately fell to her knees.

Harvey was confused by her sudden behavior.

Scarlet was the only one in the room who understood that Kian must have provoked James.

“Kian, it was a good plan. You used the Transgenerational Group to create hype and displayed your generosity in front of the media.” James chuckled lightly.


Kian opened his mouth but could not utter a word.

James said coldly, “Harvey, terminate the contract with Kian and spread the order to completely blacklist him. Any company that dares to sign him is an enemy of the Transgenerational Group. Also, be more careful with who you sign on in the future. Don’t just sign on those famous celebrities. Instead, train up new celebrities and give them more chances.”

“Understood.” Harvey immediately nodded and did not dare to say another word. Meanwhile, Kian returned to his senses and stepped back while trembling. He would have fallen to the floor if not for Hellen, who quickly got up to support him.

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