The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 292

Chapter 292 No woman appreciated a useless man.

Thea was no exception. She knew that James was capable. Apart from everything else, at least he had very good medical skills.

James’ medical skills could definitely outperform more than 99% of the medical practitioners in Cansington’s Medical Street.

However, James had always been lazy.

Therefore, Thea wanted to encourage James.

She glanced at James eagerly.

Although her words were very tempting. James really did not want to be too showy. He had finally integrated into the lower society and really enjoyed his current life. “Why don’t you participate instead, darling?” “What do you mean, James? Just say you don’t want to go. What do you mean by me participating? I don’t know any medical skills and am not even familiar with medicine. Also, what were you doing today? Why did you attack a celebrity and embarrass yourself on television?”

She really wanted to have a proper conversation with James. However, James did not seem willing to cooperate.

She was immediately infuriated and brought up the incident she saw on television today.

“That’s not what I meant, darling. I meant to say I could secretly help you and help you win the title of genius doctor. Wouldn’t that be better to build the Pacific Group’s reputation?”

“Who are you kidding? Medicine is an extensive and profound subject that has been passed down for thousands of years. Plenty chase after medical knowledge all their lives but never get to the end of it. What can I do with just half a month?”

James said with a smile, “I believe in you. It’ll definitely work out. I only need to give you some pointers and teach you a few things…” “Forget it. Got to sleep…”

Thea did not think she could become a medical practitioner within just a half month time of practicing. Neither was she capable of standing out and winning the title of genius doctor at the medical conference.

Every doctor on Medical Street had been in the industry for decades and had rich field experience. She angrily lay down in bed.

James touched his nose.

He was sincere in what he said,

As long as Thea studied hard for balf a month, surpassing the other doctors and winning the title of genius doctor would not be difficult. Why did Thea not believe him? He also lay down in bed.

They did not speak all night, The next day! Thea headed to the company very early in the morning. James did not want to stay home, so he made an excuse to go out.

He did the same for the following days. Whenever Thea went out, he would go out, and whenever Thea returned home, he would also return home.


Three days passed. The night three days later. After dinner, Gladys said, “Thea, don’t go to the company tomorrow. Your grandma is going to be celebrating her birthday. Let’s go to North Cansington.”

Gladys felt ashamed whenever she went home because she married the useless Benjamin.

The rumors about Thea made her even more embarrassed to raise her head in front of others.

However, everything had passed.

Now, she had 80 million dollars in assets and a large villa worth several hundred million. Additionally, she owned 50% of the Callahans’ shares, and Thea was the chairman of the Pacific Group and had 90% of the company shares. She could finally raise her head this time when she went back home. Those who looked down on her in the past would finally look at her with admiration. “Alright.” Thea nodded.

In the past few days, she had finished dealing with Pacific Group in the past few days, and the company had started to operate on track. Thus, she could also relax a bit.

The next day. David took Alyssa, Gladys, and Benjamin in the 28-million-dollar limited edition Firarre back home first.

James touched his nose and asked, “Darling, this car was for you. How could you just let him drive it?”

“Nevermind.” 2

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