The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Cansington was the capital of medicine.

Since North Cansington was next to Cansington, there were plenty of pharmacies here too. James and Thea strolled around the city and visited the most extensive pharmacy in North Cansigton, Primary Pharmacy. The pharmacy was large and very luxuriously decorated. A woman in a nurse’s uniform stood at the door to greet them.

The two walked inside.

Before entering through the door, they could smell the medicine.


The woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform stood at the door and smiled brightly. She greeted the couple with a smile and asked, “Is there something you two are looking for today?” “We’re looking to buy wild ginseng.” Thea went straight to the point. “Alright, this way, please.” The two came to a counter under the guidance of the nurse. There were quite a few gorgeously packaged boxes at the counter. The boxes were full of ginseng that had a pleasing fragrance. “This is ginseng unearthed from White Moutain. It is over ten years old and costs about three thousand dollars.” Although Thea was unfamiliar with ginseng, she understood that a higher grade came with a higher price. “Are there any higher grades?” “Do you have a budget?” The nurse’s eyes lit up, and she asked after hearing the question. “Of course. The more expensive, the better,” said Thea. “Please follow me this way.” The nurse knew she had met a lavish customer and immediately led the two to the second floor. There were higher grades on the second floor. More people were gathered here compared to the first floor. Many nurses dressed in uniform patiently introduced various precious herbal medicines and their health effects to the customers.

After arriving on the second floor, the various wild ginsengs were placed in front of the two ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 dollars,

Thea could not tell the value but felt that they were too ordinary.

She knew the virtues of the Hills very well and understood that such ordinary things were not enough to please them. “I- Is there anything more expensive?” asked Thea.

Upon hearing this, the nurse nodded immediately. “Of course, of course.”

She quickly took out large ginseng and introduced, “This is a one-hundred-year-old wild ginseng from Mount Shaman and costs three hundred and eighty thousand dollars.” Thea shook her head. “It’s too ordinary.”

The nurse was unhappy after hearing this, and the smile on her face vanished. “Are you two toying with me?” Lily Nolan glanced at them indifferently. She thought she had encountered a generous customer and thought that she could raise her performance if she sold a few expensive ginseng today.

Unlike what she expected, these two people kept talking but refused to buy anything despite her introductions.

“No, it’s just not too impressive,” Thea explained. Although Thea was unfamiliar with medicine, she was still from Cansington, and her family was also involved in the medical industry. Plenty of people had gifted Lex with ginseng before, and she had seen them a lot. Apart from the price, these few that were introduced were very ordinary

Lily looked at Thea.

Thea was pretty and very charismatic, but the man with her was very ordinary

“Could it be this really isn’t good enough for them?’ she thought in her heart.

“Just a moment.”

Lily asked them to wait and left.

Soon, she came back with a wooden box, placed it on the table, and opened it.

Inside was large ginseng covered in a bit of soil.

Thea’s eyes immediately lit up.

This one finally looked better. “Darling, what do you think about this one?” Thea glanced at James and asked.

James inspected it and commented, “This ginseng is so-so. Looking at its color, it must’ve grown in dark and damp soil. It has many impurities but should be at least three hundred years old. However, the quality isn’t the best because of its growth environment. Its quality would have increased by at least tenfold if it grew in a better environment.”

Hearing this, Thea glanced at the nurse and asked, “Is there anything better?”

Lily glanced at James disdainfully and said, “Don’t pretend to be an expert if you don’t know anything. What three hundred years? What do you mean by growing in dark and damp soil? This is a King of Ginseng that is five hundred years old. It’s a treasure in our store worth three inillion dollars.”

James shook his head slightly and did not bother to reason with someone unprofessional. “Let’s go look elsewhere,” James pulled Thea up and said. “Alright.” Thea nodded. “Stop!”

Lily shouted.

James shouted and turned to look at her. She pointed to the ginseng in the box on the table and said, “According to our shop rules, you must buy it after the box is opened. These boxes have already been opened. Let me calculate how much…”

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