The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 295

Chapter 295 She took out her phone and calculated quickly. “That’ll be a total of four million three hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars. I’ll round it up to four million three hundred dollars.”

“Ha!” James laughed.

“Don’t you have to look at stuff before purchasing it? What kind of store is this? Is this a scam?”

“You’re right, young man. You have to buy it after looking at it.”

A man suddenly approached from the distance. The man looked to be in his thirties. He was dressed in a black button-up shirt but only had two buttons up with a gold necklace around his neck Two burly men followed behind him.

Many customers turned to James and Thea.

They wore playful expressions knowing that a good show was about to unfold today.

The man approached them, glanced at the opened ginseng box on the table, and said with a smile, “This is Primary Pharmacy’s rule. Ginseng cannot be exposed to light, and it’ll lose its effects if exposed. You’ve opened so many and caused the decrease in quality, so how will I sell them to others now?

“Mr. Washington,” Lily greeted respectfully. She raised her head and glanced at James and Thea arrogantly after standing next to Washington.

She could tell from James and Thea’s accents that they were from Cansington and not North Cansington. Therefore, she had notified Washington, the person in charge of the pharmacy, before she took out the shop’s treasure The Xenos established the Primary Pharmacy.

The Xenos was an influential family in North Cansington and a representative family in the Five Provinces Business Alliance.

Washington Xenos was the third son of the family.

“What nonsense is losing its effect after being exposed to light? You guys are forcing your products onto customers to get sales. What will you do to me in broad daylight if I refuse to buy it?” Thea glanced at Washington and said coldly.


Washington laughed out loud.

All the guests around them laughed and glanced at Thea as if they had heard a hilarious joke. “Everyone, why don’t you tell them? Isn’t it the shop’s rule to purchase once opened?” “Yes.”

The crowd nodded.

Thea face darkened after hearing this. “What if I don’t buy it?” James glanced at Washington and said indifferently. “You don’t buy it?” Washington’s face darkened, and he gestured to the two burly men behind him.

The two men were about 190 centimeters tall and weighed more than 90 pounds, approached with their fists clenched..

Crack! Crack!

They cracked their knuckles,

Thea was frightened. She immediately pulled James aside and whispered, “Honey, it seems this pharmacy has a very powerful background. Let’s just buy it and spend the money as a lesson.”

James held her hand and said, “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid.”

He took two steps forward, looked at the two burly men, and said lightly, “Kneel down right now, and I’ll spare you.”

“Haha…” Washington burst out laughing as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

“Brat. You’re the first to dare say that to me. Break his legs!”

“Yes, Mr. Washington!”

The other customers watched as if it was an interesting show. Primary Pharmacy was indeed a notorious business. However, it never cheated the locals, and they were even given discounts if they displayed their social security cards while making payments.

Primary Pharmacy specialized in scamming outsiders.

Many people had gone bankrupt because of them.

The Xenos was a very influential family, and these outsiders who had been scammed had no one to help them or defend themselves.

The two burly men walked toward James. Many people watched playfully, and it seemed as if they could already picture James beaten to the ground, kneeling while begging for mercy. Some onlookers even took out their phones, planning to film the scene to send to their circle of friends.

Meanwhile, James maintained a calm expression. “Kneel down, brat…”

One of the burly men raised his hand and swung it at James’ face.

His swing was at full force, and there was a whistling sound. James raised his hand slightly and blocked the hand swung toward him.

Immediately afterward, he lifted his foot and kicked the opponent’s chest.

His seemingly ordinary lick contained a terrifying amount of strength. The burly man that weighed more than go kilograrns was sent flying several meters away and slammed into the counter, groaning in pain.

Silence. The place went dead silent. Everyone’s eyes filled with fear as they looked at James.

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