The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 296

Chapter 296 James blocked the attack and counterattacked with a kick The big man weighing more than 90 kilograms was sent flying out just like that.

Washington’s face darkened.

This man had a death wish for him to dare beat up his men in his territory. “Brat, do you know where are you right now? This is North Cansington. I don’t know what kind of background you have, but in North Cansington, even a dragon or tiger would have to bow before me. Get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness. I’ll consider sparing you if you do so,” Washington threatened with an angry expression.

Seeing that James was about to fight again because of a conflict, Thea quickly pulled him.

“Forget it, darling.”

James did not want to waste time with Washington anymore.

Thus, he nodded in agreement. However, Washington’s eyes were attracted to Thea’s beauty. She was tall, fair-skinned, and had long silky hair. Thea was indeed a gorgeous woman. Washington glanced at James’ calm expression and Thea’s worried expression. Then, he

sneered, “It’s not going to be easy for you to leave.”

He took out his phone and instantly made a phone call. James did not want to stoop to their level, so he quickly took Thea’s hand and left. “Stop them!” The other bodyguard suddenly clenched his fist and swung it toward James.

James immediately turned around.

His body slightly lifted from the ground as he turned around. He raised his leg and precisely hit the man’s forehead.

The man’s head turned, and his whole body flew toward the counter.


The glass counter shattered in an instant.

Some valuable medicinal herbs such as ginseng and deer antler were also scattered all over the floor.

Meanwhile, James stood steadily. Washington was shocked. He knew his two bodyguards’ strength. Seeing that both of them had been defeated, he knew that he had encountered a difficult person today. However, North Cansington was the Xenos’ territory.

He was fearless.

This man could take down two, but could he take down twenty or even two hundred?

His face filled with terrifying anger. The surrounding customers were all shocked. This guy seemed a little overpowered.

Two burly men were defeated in an instant.

“Do you still want me to buy it?” James wore a mocking smile on his face.

Washington’s face was darkened, and he remained silent. Instead, he glanced at Lily standing beside him and instructed, “Take note of all the medicinal herbs he damaged. He will be compensating us a hundredfold.”


Lily immediately went to record the damaged goods.

James was slightly intrigued.

He wanted to see what kind of tricks Washington was about to play.

Meanwhile, Thea had a worried expression as she kept pulling James. She whispered, “Honey, we’re in North Cansington. Don’t cause trouble here. Let’s just finish shopping and leave.”

“Don’t worry, darling. We’re in a civilized era ruled by law. I don’t believe this guy can do anything to me,” James waved his hand and reassured Thea.


Washington burst out laughing. “Civilized era ruled by law? I make the laws in Primary Pharmacy. You’ll have to kneel if I ask you to kneel.”

James sat down with an indifferent expression.

However, Thea was extremely anxious.

She continuously tried to persuade James to leave.

Unfortunately, James was not listening to her.

She had no choice but to step to the side, take out her phone and secretly call the police. Washington noticed her actions but did not stop her.

Instead, he sneered in his heart.

Calling the police? ‘Is calling the police going to help? “This is North Cansington. The Xenos are the most influential existence in North Cansington. The police are only going to arrest James and Thea when they arrive on the scene.” Soon, Lily finished recording the damaged goods. “Mr. Washington. I’ve finished taking notes. A total of one hundred forty-five thousand

dollars worth of medicinal herbs have been destroyed.

Washington also sat down. He crossed his legs and lit a cigar. His two bodyguards had already got back up and were standing behind him. Washington glanced at James and sneered, “Did you hear that? You’ve damaged one hundred forty-five thousand dollars worth of precious medicinal materials. The compensation will be one hundred times which is fourteen million five hundred thousand dollars. Washington had the confidence that he could suppress Thea and James. Although James was dressed in average clothes, Thea had on famous brands, and her whole outfit added up to more than one million dollars. She must be from a wealthy family to be able to be dressed like that.

Extorting more than 10 million dollars from them was completely reasonable. He was not afraid of Thea’s background. Whatever great background she could have was a fart in front of the Xenos

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