The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 297

Chapter 297

James wore a nonchalant expression.

At this moment, the employees had already driven out all the customers in the store, leaving only James and Thea left on the second floor.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Rapid footsteps approached them. Soon, dozens of people arrived on the second floor. These people appeared with iron rods, machetes, electric batons, and some even carrying bricks.

“Mr. Washington.”

A man in his twenties approached and greeted respectfully.

Thea’s face went pale after seeing the dozens of armed men.

Meanwhile, James still had a calm expression.

Washington laughed and stood up. “Haha. Brat, show me how you’re going to be arrogant now. Immediately kneel down and apologize. I promise to let this matter go after breaking your legs and playing with your wife for a few days. Or else…”

James’ face immediately darkened.

He could endure any threats against him. However, there was only one end for those who tried to mess with Thea- death!

“Or else what?”

James stood up

“Honey…” Thea promptly tugged onto him and tried to persuade him, “Don’t act impulsively. There are so many of them, and we’re only going to suffer. I’ve already called the police, and they should be arriving very soon.” “Haha…I’m afraid the police won’t be able to make it today,” Washington laughed.

Thea immediately understood the meaning of his words, and her expression changed.

She attempted to pull James away but was surrounded by muscular men.

Her face instantly turned pale. James said with a furious expression, “You won’t ever learn your lesson if I don’t teach you one today…”

“Kill him!”

Washington roared.

The dozens of men immediately charged toward and swing their weapons at James.


Thea screamed in horror and closed her eyes. James pulled Thea and quickly rushed at Washington.

While charging forward, James quickly clenched his arm and attacked.

One of the men that rushed to the front was hit in the chest. His whole body seemed to curve, and he flew out, hitting the people behind him.

James picked up Thea and jumped two meters high, attacking with his legs.

A man stumbled backward after being hit.

Then, stepping on another man’s shoulder, he instantly appeared in front of Washington.

He put down Thea and picked up Washington, throwing him aggressively toward those charging at him “Argh…”

“That hurts…”



There were sounds of painful groans and the sound of things breaking throughout the second floor.

After a few minutes, all the men were on the ground,

James had already sat down.

Thea was snuggled in his arms with her eyes closed tightly and arms tightly wrapped around his shoulders.

She did not dare to open her eyes.

Until there was no more movement, she finally opened her eyes, and a familiar face entered her sight.

“Are you alright?” she sighed. She noticed her arms wrapped around James’ shoulders and blushed while quickly moving away from him.

She got up, turned to scan the room, and saw dozens of men lying on the ground in the chaotic pharmacy. Countless medicinal herbs were scattered all over the floor.

Thea screamed in shock and leaped into James’ arms again.

James stretched out his arms and embraced her.

“Everything’s alright. What could’ve gone wrong? It’s not that I want to brag, but these three to five dozen people are nothing to me,” he said with a smile.

“B-Brat! Do you know who I am?”

Washington stumbled as he got up from the floor.

However, James picked up a cup from the table and abruptly threw it at him.


The cup smashed into Washington’s head.

Washington’s head started to bleed, and his face was dyed red in an instant as he rolled on the ground in pain. Seeing this scene, Thea’s face turned pale from fear, and she said frantically, “Honey, Let’s get out of here quickly. The police will be arriving soon. You’ve done something bad.”

“It’s alright. It seems there is very bad collusion between the business world and the police in this country. It’s time to get it resolved,” James waved his hand and said.

In fact, the police had arrived long ago but stayed outside and did not come inside.

It was because Washington had already contacted them. “Brat, you’re dead! I won’t be Washington anymore if I don’t kill you!” Washington rolled on the floor in pain and roared fiercely. “Captain Dean, bring the men up quickly! My shop was destroyed!”

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