The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Thea was frightened the moment she heard the police were coming Initially, she was not afraid of them showing up. They were in the right, and the pharmacy was trying to scamn their customers, forcing them to purchase goods. However, James had injured so many people now. This matter was not a serious problem, nor was it a small problem.

To say it was small was because it could be settled with a few words. To say it was serious was because James could get imprisoned for fighting and hurting people. “What do we do, honey? What can we do? Oh, right! The Hills have people in the military region. I’ll call them for help.” Thea suddenly had an idea and wanted to make a phone call.

James prevented her promptly. “Darling, it’s alright. It’s really alright. You don’t have to call others and trouble them. I’ll settle this, okay? Trust me…”

The sound of footsteps came closer at this moment.

A dozen policemen rushed to the second floor.

The policemen were dumbfounded to see the second floor smashed to pieces and dozens of men lying on the ground.

They glanced at James, who was calmly sitting down.

Was he the one who beat up all these people?

“You’re finally here, Captain Dean!” Washington covered his head and endured the pain as he got up. Then, he pointed at James ferociously and shouted, “That’s him! Detain him immediately! I want him to live the rest of his life in prison.” Dean Hunter glanced at James and immediately ordered, “Grab him.”

A few police officers instantly took out their guns and cautiously walked toward James.

He brought down dozens of men alone and was definitely an easy opponent. They had to be extremely careful. “Who dares to touch me?”

James took out an identity card.

“Hold on…”

Dean immediately stopped the men, walked over, and glanced at the identity in James’ hand.

The identity card was in black and had a black dragon depicted on it with a few words written below-General of the Southern Plains.

Dean was stunned for a moment to see these words and burst out laughing.

“Haha, brat, don’t you know that impersonating an officer is a criminal offense?” “Really?”

“Since that’s the case, then I should be able to make a phone call right now, right?” James put it away with an embarrassed expression and said. Dean saw James’ confident demeanor and was slightly shaken in his heart. ‘What if this brat really had an influential background?’

Washington roared, “What’re you doing, Captain Dean? Stop wasting time and detain him!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Washington. Let him make a call. I’m curious to see who he can call.”

Dean did not dare to offend Washington but, at the same time, was afraid that James had a very influential background.

After all, it was impossible for an ordinary person to bring down so many people alone.

James walked aside and made a phone call.

Thea was puzzled by the situation.

What was the thing that James took out just now? All she saw was that it was black She could not catch a glimpse of what it looked like and what was written on it.

James directly called Daniel.

“It’s me. I’m at Primary Pharmacy in North Cansington. The boss here forced me to buy some stuff. He even called some men and got the police dispatched. Figure something out. By the way. you only have ten minutes. I’ll report it to your higher-up if it isn’t resolved within ten minutes.”

James hung up after explaining the situation.

Daniel was terrified.

It was obvious that he meant to look for the Blithe king by saying he had to report it to his higher-up if it was not resolved in ten minutes. He hurriedly called Chase Nolan from the North Cansington Military Region. Thea looked at him suspiciously and inquired, “Who did you call?”

James said with a smile, “Of course I reported it. The Blithe King had just been promoted, and no one in the five provinces dared to cause trouble. I never imagined such forceful selling tactics to be happening in North Cansington. Just wait for a bit. Some people are on their way to dealing with it soon.

Dean initially expected James to have a very tough background.

Unexpectedly, he simply made a phone call to report the incident.

He laughed. “Who did you report it to, brat? Don’t you know that this is the Xenos’ property? Who dares to get involved in a report against the Xenos?”

“Captain Dean, why are you talking so much to him? What’s taking so long? I’m going to die for excessively bleeding!” Washington’s forehead was smashed open, and he had shed a lot of blood. He would surely pass out if he did not go to a hospital immediately. At this moment, he was already feeling a little dizzy in his head.

“Grab him!”

Dean ordered.

The police approached again. Thea’s face tumed pale in fright. She stood aside and held tightly onto James. James pulled her and directed her to sit down. Then, he stood up and glared indifferently at the policeman slowly approaching him.

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