The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The Blithe King of the West. Commander of the army on the western border. He was a man above all, a figure with near unparalleled power.

His aura emanated powerfully as he approached. The outside of The Gourmand was quiet as everyone held their breaths.

This was the Blithe King, the new commander-in chief of the five armies!

They had only ever seen him on screens. Now that he was here in person, they were so shocked at the sheer command his presence demanded that they did not dare to even move.

Niel and the security guards remained on the ground, trembling slightly. Gladys had been sobbing on the ground but went quiet when she saw the Blithe King, not daring to even breathe too loudly. She had seen the news. She knew this was someone even more terrifying than Trent Xavier was.

Belinda, too, held her breath in fear.

Everyone was intimidated. Only James seemed calm. He had met the Blithe King once, back when he was appointed commander.

Surprise flashed across the Blithe King’s face when he spotted James. “Dragon…” he started, but stopped abruptly at James’s gaze. Instead, he glanced around, piecing the pieces together. He looked at Niel, who was still kneeling on the ground. “What’s going on?” “I- It’s nothing, chief marshal.”

The Blithe King did not need an explanation to figure out what was happening.” This area is under my jurisdiction. You are forbidden to disturb the peace. If this happens again, there will be serious consequences. Leave.”

“Yes, sir.”

Niel rolled away like a ball, not daring to linger. The security guards rolled after him.

At that moment, several jeeps stopped in front of the restaurant.

The Blithe King cast another glance at James but said nothing. He got into one of the jeeps and they drove away.

The crowd outside The Gourmand let out a collective sigh of relief.

“Was… was that the new commander-in-chief of the five armies?”

“His presence was so overpowering. I felt like I had a bolder pressed on my chest as soon as he approached. I couldn’t breathe normally.”

“The Blithe king was the commander on the western front, and now he’s the leader of all five armies! He holds the most power out of anyone. He’s like the big shot of all big shots!” “What a powerful man!” Restlessness retumed to The Gourmand when the Blithe King’s car disappeared from view

Belinda did not dare cause more trouble. She was lucky that the Blithe King had not pinned any blame on her, or her entire family would be done for. “This isn’t over, James. Thea. Just you wait!”

Belinda limped away after leaving a final word, her appetite ruined. Thea came back to her senses and looked in the direction where the jeeps had gone, lost in thought. “So that’s the Blithe King of the West. He’s a lot more domineering than he is on TV…” However, what she did not know was that her husband was someone not even the Blithe King could compare to. “You bastard! You didn’t even dare let out a fart when everything went down! It’s so embarrassing being married to you!” Gladys once again started shrieking outside The Gourmand. She yanked Benjamin’s ear, but he dared not make a sound. Thea felt like she had to say something, “Mom, people are watching. Stop picking on Dad.” “This is all your fault, you cursed little bitch. How the hell do you manage to offend everyone no matter where you are? You’re lucky the Blithe King was here, or we’d have been done for!” Gladys raised her hand to slap Thea, but James reached out and caught her arm. “How dare you block me, you punk!” Gladys punched James in the head, enraged.

James did not retaliate.

Even if Gladys was irredeemably flawed, she was still Thea’s mother.

He just did not want Thea to get hit. That was all.

“Mom, please stop hitting him,” Thea pleaded, pulling Gladys back. David finally returned, pulling Alyssa along “You almost doomed us all, James,” he said, displeasure clear on his face. “We were lucky. If it weren’t for the Blithe King having dinner here and coming outside when he did, you’d definitely have broken legs right now. The rest of us would’ve been dragged into your mess, too.” “You’re nothing but a burden,” Alyssa said in disgust, staring at Thea’s injured face.

“Enough, dear. People are watching. We can talk about this back home,” David muttered carefully to her. As for Gladys, she stopped caring. She had humiliated hersell when she knelt for Belinda earlier.

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