The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Thea knew what the Hills were like.

Back then, when she was belittled and looked down upon, she could not say anything.

Now, she was disgusted by how they disparaged her husband.

Facing the Hills, she exclaimed, “My husband’s not useless. He’s Asclepius. He treated my injuries. He can be the number one doctor in all of Cansington if he wishes to be.”

Gladys, who was hanging her head in shame, chimed in upon hearing Thea’s words, “Yes, he’s not entirely useless. You should know how grave Thea’s injuries were. Her body was badly bumt, and there were scars all over her. However, James treated all of her injuries in just ten short days. If he isn’t Asclepius, who is?”

Upon hearing this, everyone fell silent.

They could not refute her words. Meanwhile, Jedidiah fixed his gaze on James.

He was a veteran and had suffered long-term sequelae after sustaining injuries.

Now that he was aging by the day, his body condition was deteriorating.

He had gone to Cansington to look for Dr. Fallon.

However, he would have to wait for years for his turn.

Thus, he could only consult a mediocre doctor in Cansington to regulate his bodily functions.

Before he could speak, a young member of the Hills said, “Grandpa has problems with his body. Since he’s Asclepius, why don’t we ask him to diagnose grandpa? Then, we’ll get to see whether his claims hold true or not.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Thea looked at James pleadingly. “Honey, please take a look at grandpa.”

One’s reputation was worth a lot these days.

Thea did not want to be looked down upon, nor did she wish for James to be belittled.

James was reluctant.

Under normal circumstances, he would not provide medical treatment just like that.

However, since it was Thea’s request, he nodded and stood up. Then, he made his way toward Jedidiah.

Jedidiah was wearing an old-fashioned green shirt that looked like one of those from the sixtjes. He was wearing a hat too.


James greeted him.

Jedidiah gently nodded and looked hlin in the eye. “Take a look. I won’t blaine you even if you can’t diagnose anything.”

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on James.

They were curious to know whether the man who had treated Thea’s injuries was truly proficient in medicine.

Eyes on Jedidiah, James took his hand and felt for his pulse. The art of medicine was to diagnose solely based on the doctor’s questions, observations, and the skillful taking of the pulse.

Under normal circumstances, that would be the normal course of action. However, James was no ordinary doctor. Taking the pulse was all he needed. He could understand what was going on in a person’s body just by taking their pulse. A minute later, James loosened his grip. Thea could not help but ask, “How was it?” She knew that James practiced medicine. However, she was not aware of his proficiency. She was stunned when she realized James could use a silver needle to paralyze his patient, She was wearing a look of anticipation. She was looking forward to James surprising her and restoring her reputation James looked at Jedidiah and was hesitant to speak. Jedidiah lightly waved. “I know my body condition. Just say it. As long as you get it right, I won’t blame you.” James nodded. “Grandpa’s in terrible shape.”


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