The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 306

Chapter 306

No one believed James.

To them, Thea had informed him of Jedidiah’s situation in advance.

James was only just pretending to take a pulse. He was trying to sound like an Asclepius by saying all this.

James did not offer a rebuttal.

He was not planning to stand out anyway. He took Jedidiah’s pulse for Thea’s sake. Since they doubted the validity of his abilities, then so be it. Meanwhile, Thea hurriedly explained, “What are you guys talking about? I didn’t tell him anything. Besides, I haven’t been back for ten years. How am I supposed to know about grandpa’s condition? How would I know he had undergone an operation three months ago? James learned of everything himself just by taking grandpa’s pulse.”

She should have remained silent.

Hearing her words, their suspicions were confirmed.

Thea had told James everything.

It was all for the sake of showing off.

Seeing their expressions of doubt, Thea explained, “It’s true. I’m not lying.” At that moment, even Gladys was hanging her head. She believed it was Thea who told James.

After all, how could he know so much just by taking a pulse? It was simply too magical. So magical it was unbelievable.

“A trash’s trash.” “Why show off when you’ve got no skills?”

The Hills wore a look of disdain.

Thea pulled at James and said, “James, explain to them.” James shrugged, “What’s there to explain?”

James did not intend to say anything. He could not care less if he was misjudged.

However, Yitzchak did not plan to let him off the hook that easily.

“James, wasn’t it? I couldn’t care less about you trying to show off. However, since you’ve doubted my medical abilities, you have to apologize to me.” Yitzchak was a member of the Doctor’s Association, and he only managed to join after applying for five years in a row.

Though there were close to a million doctors In Cansington, only ten thousand were eligible to

join the Doctor’s Association.

Being able to distinguish himself from the crowd by joining the Doctor’s Association made him arrogant and conceited. He felt humiliated after being accused of recklessly prescribing medication.


“James, apologize to Dr. Lincoln now.” The Hills pressed him Even Gladys joined the crowd. “Apologize, James. Have you not brought me enough shame?”


How could he?

He would not mind if Yitzchak was a capable doctor

James took a deep breath. Thinking from another perspective, Yitzchak was proficient in his profession. At least he kept Jedidiah in good health over the past few years. They had different experiences. Naturally, their understanding of the matter would be different.

James had been looking at this from his own perspective.

If seen through the lens of an ordinary doctor, Yitzchak’s medical skills were outstanding “I’ll show you what a true doctor looks like.”

James looked at Yitzchak and took a few silver needles out.

Then, he crouched down before Yitzchak and said, “Grandpa, I’ll treat you with acupuncture and completely get rid of the lingering effects that you’ve been experiencing all this while. Here, pull up the sleeves of your trousers.”

“Oh?!” Yitzchak laughed out loud. “Are you doing it for real? Mr. Jedidiah, play along. I’m curious to see what this guy’s capable of.”

Jedidiah pulled his sleeves up to his thighs.

James instructed, “Get me some alcohol.”

Immediately, one of the Hills went to get some.

Soon, James had the alcohol. He opened the bottle and splashed it on the silver needles.

Holding a needle between his index and middle finger, he inserted it through the skin of Jedidiah’s thigh.

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