The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 307

Chapter 307

James moved further down.

In the blink of an eye, he had inserted dozens of needles from the thigh to the sole of the feet.

“1- Is this acupoint treatment?” Yitzchak was dumbfounded. James’ speed was extraordinary. He finished inserting the needles in a single breath. At that moment, James splashed the alcohol on Jedidiah’s knees and pulled a lighter out.


A ball of fire immediately appeared on his knees.

The Hills turned pale.

“What are you doing. James?” “What the hell?! Stop that right now!”

However, James persisted. He took the silver needles and went on the offensive.

One needle, two needles, three needles.

In the blink of an eye, a row of silver needles appeared on both Jedidiah’s legs. Something magical happened.

The fire on Jedidiah’s knees was absorbed by the silver needles, from which a stream of hot, burning gas could be seen.

“T-The Needle of Fire… Yitzchak exclaimed

The art of medicine had been around for five thousand years. With the passage of time, many medical skills have become a lost art. Only some remained in the records of classical books. As Yil zchak was a member of the Doctor’s Association, his medical skills were top-notch. He had read many books on medicine. He remembered reading some classical medical books on the existence of the Needle of Fire.

It was an ancient acupuncture art. However, it was lost with time and could now only be found in classical books.

Yitzchak fell silent upon seeing the silver needles in flames on Jedidiah’s knees, “The Needle of Fire… 1- Is this the legendary Needle of Fire?”

He could not believe his eyes. It was the legendary art of acupuncture recorded in classical books. How did James..? At that moment, James waved, and the flames on the silver needles extinguished.


The moment the flames extinguished, the silver needles on Jedidiah’s knees began trembling and making a hissing sound. Then, it lightly shook

“L-Is this the Humming Needle?”

Yitzchak exclaimed once more.

Meanwhile, Jaines was staring intently at the needles. After approximately ten seconds, he began pulling out the needles. Soon, all was extracted.

Then, he looked at Jedidiah and asked, “How are you feeling now?” “1- it feels amazing.”

Jedidiah exclaimed

At the moment, he felt very comfortable from the waist down. It was an indescribable feeling. He could even clearly feel the blood flow within his body.

James smiled.

Meanwhile, the Hills were dumbfounded.

Putting James’ proficiency in the art of medicine aside, the spectacle of the burning needle was a sight to behold.

Yitzchak was at a loss for words.

After some time, he took a deep breath and looked at James. His teeth chattering, he stammered, “I-Is this the legendary Needle of Fire and the Humming Needle from the classical medical books?” James smiled slightly. “Very knowledgeable of you to know of the Needle of Fire and Humming Needle.”


Yitzchak knelt on the floor.

The Hills were stunned upon witnessing the scene. Full of passion, he said agitatedly, “Master, allow me to pay my respects as your disciple.” With a look of disinterest, James said, “When have I accepted you as my disciple?”

Upon hearing this, Yitzchak panicked.

“Master, please accept me as your disciple. I’m begging you. I’ve long heard of the Needle of Fire. I never expected to witness it in my lifetime. Please guide me. I’m willing to dedicate my lifetime’s worth of savings to you.” The Hills were utterly bewildered, What was going on? Also, what was this impressive-sounding Needle of Fire?

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