The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 308

Chapter 308

The Hills knew nothing about medicine and did not understand what the Needle of Fire meant.

It was an extremely advanced and sophisticated acupuncture art. The human body comprises Yin and Yang energy. The body would be healthy only when they were in balance. If there was an abundance of Yin energy or vice versa, one would fall sick.

The Needle of Fire was an acupuncture art that decreased the Yin and increased the Yang

Though Yitzchak had seen such art in classical medical books, he had never seen it in action for a patient’s treatment.

With a passionate look, Yitzchak laielt on the floor and pleaded.

If he could learn the legendary art of acupuncture, his medical skills would improve in leaps and bounds.

“I beg you, master. Give me a chance. I’m begging you.” The Hills were stunned upon witnessing this dramatic scene.

Cyrus asked puzzledly, “What are you doing, Dr. Lincoln? You’re a member of the Doctor’s Association. How could you lmeel before such trash?” “What do you know?!”

Yitzchak said coldly, “This is the Needle of Fire, a legendary acupuncture art. Not even Dr. Fallon, the Asclepius of Cansington, would know of such an advanced medical art. Besides, the Needle of Fire is part of a combination. If one knows of the Needle of Fire, one would surely be capable of utilizing the Needle of Ice. This combination of the Yin and Yang is described in the medical world as the Needle of Yin and Yang, which has been lost for nearly a thousand years.”

James glanced at Yitzchak, who was loreeling on the floor. He never thought he would be this loowledgeable. He even knew of the Needle of Fire.

After all, not even experienced doctors who had been in the field for decades would have heard of it.

However, he did not have plans to recruit disciples, nor did he have the time.

He scratched his head and smiled. “What’s this Needle of Fire and Needle of ice? I’ve never heard of it. I only know that the Yin energy was abundant in grandpa’s body, especially around the knees. When it rains, the Yin energy around his knees would increase and thus cause pain. That’s why I thought about using alcohol to get rid of the Yin energy.”


Yitzchak froze. He stared intently at James. “Y-You don’t know anything about the Needle of Fire?” With a puzzled look, James asked, “What’s that?”

Hearing this, Yitzchak stood up.

He thought James had used the legendary acupuncture art. It turned out to be a misunderstanding and gave him quite a fright.

That was what he thought. How could a dumb-looking guy like James know of the legendary art? James said awkwardly, “Actually, it was Thea who told me about grandpa’s condition. Combining the treatment method I found on the internet and my expertise in the field, I was able to make a performance in front of everyone.”

“I see.”

“I told you so. How could a young guy like him be an Asclepius?”

“Huh… I thought we have an Asclepius among us.”

The Hills realized all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Yitzchak was embarrassed.

As he got too excited, he knelt before James without having a clear understanding of the situation.

Now that he thought of it, it was truly embarrassing. He wore a surly expression and scolded James. “You’re still young. You shouldn’t show off. Instead, work your way up one step at a time.” “Yes, you’re right, Dr. Lincoln.” James hurriedly nodded.

That concluded the incident.

The Hills gathered and continued chit-chatting

Meanwhile, Thea pulled James aside.

She crossed her arms and stared intently at him. She said, “Impressive. I never thought this would be your true ability. Tell me honestly. What else is there that I don’t know about?”

Everyone thought she had told James about it.

However, only she knew she said nothing.

James’ explanation that he had searched for the method on the internet was pure bullsh*t. James laughed. “Honey, what am I supposed to say then? Do I reveal myself to be Asclepius? To be honest, my medical skills are only mediocre. I mean, using alcohol for acupuncture isn’t that impressive.”


Thea gently nodded. 1

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