The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 309

Chapter 309 After all, the needle in flames could be caused by the burning alcohol. However, her suspicions about James’ mysteriousness only grew. The nonchalant husband of hers, who loved fooling around, seemed to be increasingly enigmatic. She believed James was hiding something from her. However, James said nothing, and so, she remained silent too. ‘My husband isn’t completely useless.’

Thea was jubilant.

At least she now knew that James had real medical skills. Not only that, his skills were so advanced that a member of the Doctor’s Association would kneel before him and beg to be his disciple

She recalled the words James had said to her. He talked about guiding her and imparting some medical knowledge to her. He also told her she would be able to distinguish herself from the crowd in a medical competition with the knowledge she now possessed. She had dismissed them as a joke.

Now, however, it was not entirely impossible.

After all, James’ medical skills were so advanced that even a member of the Doctor’s Association would kneel before him and beg to be his disciple.



James looked at Thea and asked, “What is it?”

“Will I truly prevail at the medical conference if I learn from you for half a month?”

James scratched his nose. “I can’t be sure about that. After all, I don’t know much about the medical skills of Dr. Fallon and those doctors on Medical Street. But, I think you should be able to make it into the top ten.”

“Really?” Thea said delightedly, “T-Teach me, then.” Seeing her delighted look, James was content too. He had not seen her smile for a very long time now.

“Alright, I’ll begin teaching you when we return to Cansington tomorrow. However, since you don’t know anything about meridians and acupuncture points, I’ll have to prepare a beginner’s book on medical skills for you. Memorize all the meridians and acupuncture points in the human body and their purposes.” “Huh? That sounds difficult ” Thea was dismayed. “Can I make it in liali a inonth?”

James said with a smile, “Spend ten days learning and memorizing so that you can pretend to be an experienced doctor at the medical conference. After that, I’ll impart some long-lost medical treatments to you. You’ll stun the crowd when you demonstrate them at the conference.”

James whispered in her ear, “To be honest, I don’t know much besides the basics of acupuncture. I only used some long-lost techniques passed onto me by Henry to give Yitzchak a shock.”

Hearing this, Thea giggled.

“How mean.”


James laughed heartily.

Thea rolled her eyes. “I thought you were the real deal. It turns out you were only faking it. Sigh… No, wait.”

Thea glanced at him. “How could you be faking it when you could diagnose grandpa’s illness just by taking his pulse? You have to be the real deal. I knew my husband was no ordinary person. After we get back, go and work at Pacific Hospital. The hospital will become renowned on Medical Street with the medical skills you possess.”

Upon hearing this, James turned pale.

He did not want to go to work “Thea…” James scratched his head. He opened and shut his mouth, not saying anything “Hmm? What do you want to say?” James stuttered, “P-Promise me you won’t get mad.” “I won’t. Just say it.” “Actually, it was Xara who told me about grandpa’s situation. I’ve been asking around about the Hills so I wouldn’t embarrass you. My medical skills are only mediocre. If you insist on making me work at a hospital, I might accidentally kill a patient.”


Thea shook her head in disbelief. “You treated me twice and even diagnosed all those patients during the incident at Eternality Hospital. There’s no way those were all coincidences.” “Thea, between you and me, treating you doesn’t require any medical skills. You just needed to know a few ancient formulas, which Henry had taught me. By following the instructions, even someone who’s never practiced medicine would be able to make it.” “Really?” Thea looked at James in disbelief.


James nodded. After noticing the grim expression on her face, he hurriedly added, “You promised you wouldn’t get mad.”

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