The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Thea wore a surly expression She thought that James was a dark horse. It turned out to be a misunderstanding. She had seen through James’ true character. However, James was not entirely shameless. At least he told her the truth.

“Thea, James, what are you two talking about?” Xara approached them with a puzzled look on her face Thea turned to look at her and asked, “Xara, was it you who told James about grandpa’s condition?”


Xara froze.



After being momentarily stunned, she recollected herself and nodded, “Don’t blame me for this, Thea, James made me do it. I didn’t have a choice.”

Thea looked at James.

The good impression she had of him was gone in an instant.

“A man has to be honest and pragmatic in whatever they do.” “Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

James did not dare offer a rebuttal.

“Hmph.” Thea grunted and turned to leave. After leaving, Xara asked, “James, why did you lie to her? Why can’t you just tell her the


James scratched his nose,

He did not plan on lying to her. However, Thea wanted him to work at Pacific Hospital. How could he have allowed such a thing?

He did not want to go to work. He was finally able to experience a comfortable life. He would cherish it for as long as it lasted, After all, with a single order from his higher-ups in the event of a war, he would be forced to leave and continue a life of bloodshed.


James thanked her.

After that, he stayed at the Hill residence and had lunch there,

After lunch, everyone left.

David was out with a few young members of the Hills in his luxury car. Meanwhile, as she had not bought a gift, Thea brought James along to the city area. After walking around, she still did not manage to find one that satisfied her.

At last, Thea called Yuna.

“Yuna, it’s Thea here. I’m in North Cansington. I was wondering if you know where to find high-quality ginseng here. I’m planning on gifting some to my grandmother.”

Hearing her words, Yuna said, “North Cansington, huh? Coincidentally, there’ll be an auction at Herbal Biotech of the North Cansington branch. Many valuable herbs will be sold, including thousand-year-old ginseng unearthed from White Mountain It’s the true King of Ginseng well-known in medical circles. However, it hasn’t been sold due to its exorbitant price.”

“Really? That’s great!”

“I should remind you that it’s the true King of Ginseng. As it has an extremely high medical value, its price is exorbitant. The auction price should be around a hundred million and above.”

Hearing this, Thea was crestfallen.

A hundred million?

Where on earth would she get all that money? Although there was money in the company’s accounts, they were funds for the company’s expansion Besides, spending a hundred million to buy thousand-year-old ginseng for her grandmother was simply too much. “C-Could you give a call to the auctioneer and ask him to arrange an admission ticket for me? I’ll just be there to see if there’s any wild ginseng sold at a reasonable price.”

“Alright, not a problem.” After hanging up the call, Thea looked at James and said, “Yuna told me there’ll be an auction at Herbal Biotech of the North Cansington branch. There’ll be thousand-year-old ginseng on auction with a starting price of around a hundred million.” “Go ahead and purchase it then,” James said. “It’s definitely worth the price if it’s thousand – year-old ginseng. Even if you don’t give it away as a gift, keeping it for ourselves isn’t exactly a terrible idea.” Thea rolled her eyes. “Easy for you to say. Where do I get the money?” James pulled his Black Dragon card out and dangled it in front of Thea.

Thea looked at him. “Don’t tell me there’s still money in the card.” “Smart girl.”

“How inuch is in there?”

“Enough to buy the thousand-year-old ginseng,

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