The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 312

Chapter 312

Just like Quincy. Julianna looked down on James and belittled himi non-stop upon meeting him.

James smiled faintly Thea shot him a look of resentment. As the saving went, bad news travels fast. James’ reputation for being trash had already spread to North CansingtonShe smiled awkwardly and said, “Julianna, James isn’t completely useless. He just likes keeping a low profile. He practices medicine, and it was he who treated my injuries. His medical skills even far exceed that of Dr. Fallon of Cansington.”

She could only say this at that moment.

Although James had said he did not know much about medicine, she did not wish to embarrass herself in front of her former best friend, so she tried her best to explain.

Julianna only looked at James upon hearing this. However, she still did not hold him in high regard.

After all, many practice medicine in Cansington. It would be strange if someone from the area did not know a thing or two about it.

She did not take Thea’s words seriously. After all, if James was truly more capable than Dr. Fallon, he would be world-renowned instead of being ridiculed for being a good for-nothing by the public

“By the way, are you here to participate in the auction organized by Herbal Biotech?” Julianna changed the subject. “Yes.” Thea nodded and said, “It’s my grandmother’s birthday. I’m planning to get her wild ginseng.”

Immediately, Quay stepped forward with a bright smile. “Leave everything to me, Ms. Thea. I have a good relationship with the person in charge of Herbal Biotech of the North Cansington branch. I’ll request him to keep one for you.”

“Thank you so much.”

“It’s nothing. Since you’re Julianna’s friend, that makes you my friend too. No one dares say no to the Xenos in North Cansington!”

Quay started boasting about the Xenos’ power and influence in North Cansington. James smiled and said nothing.

After chit-chatting for a while, they entered Herbal Biotech.

Herbal Biotech was spacious on the inside.

As it was not yet nighttime, the auction had not yet begun.

However, many precious herbs were on display. Many of them were auction items of the evening that were unveiled for a sneak peek so that the public would know their values and prices.

James and Thea looked around casually.

Soon, it was evening Many affluent people of North Cansington were present on the topmost floor of Herbal Biotech The auction would be held on schedule.

Many influential families in North Cansington gathered here. Some among them had come from other parts of the country and were here to purchase herbs that could extend their life span.

A glamorous woman in a white dress with an attractive figure walked up to the auction block.

“Wow, it’s Christine Fallon.”

“That’s Christine Fallon, the granddaughter of Dr. Fallon.” “I didn’t expect her to be the host for this auction.”

“Rumors say that her medical skills have exceeded that of her grandfather. She’s already called the female Asclepius of Cansington.”

The woman in the white dress walked up to the auction block. Immediately, the crowd cheered. Holding the mic, Christine looked at the crowd and said with a smile, “Welcome to the auction organized by Herbal Biotech. Many valuable herbs will be auctioned here today. Without further ado, we’ll begin with our first item of the day, the thousand year-old King of Ginseng,”

The crowd fell silent instantly,

It was not a secret that Herbal Biotech had a King of Ginseng in its possession.

The ginseng was renowned in both Cansington and North Cansington. However, due to its exorbitant price, no one had been capable of purchasing it.

As Christine spoke, two ladies with attractive figures walked up the stage with a luxurious looking box. It was red and about a meter long. Christine opened the box Inside was a human-shaped ginseng a meter in length.

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