The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 314

Chapter 314 After Bjorn’s announcement, no one dared make a bid. He wore a satisfied expression. Just then, a voice came. His face darkened upon seeing James making a bid. Seeing a young and unfamiliar face, he said coldly. “Hey, did you not hear that this king of Ginseng’s mine? What’s the meaning of this? Are you going against me?” James could not care less about Bjorn. He needed the thousand-year-old King of Ginseng for Thea’s sake. From the auction block, Christine’s face darkened upon seeing Bjorn.

She knew he was a troublesome man. Besides, his medical skills were not beneath her grandfather’s.

As Bjorn had announced the King of Ginseng as his, she could not sell it at a good price. Then, she saw James make a bid. After, she saw Thea by his side Christine froze.

Was that not Thea Callahan?

Although she was not sure of Thea’s background, her grandfather had delended Thea during Yuna Lawson’s birthday party. Faced against Bjorn’s threal, James laughed. “Since both of us want the King of Ginseng, may the highest bidder win! After all, this is an auction.” Thea pulled at James and whispered, “It’s alright, honey. I don’t want it anymore. Besides, we don’t have the money.”

James lightly waved and gestured for Thea to be at ease. Meanwhile, Bjorn wore a surly expression, and his glare was icy-cold.

He had stepped forward and declared the King of Ginseng as his so that he could obtain it at the lowest price.

He did not expect a guy to pop out of nowhere and make a bid. “Hmph! You think you’re as rich as me?”

Not to be outdone, he called out, “A hundred and ten million.”

Saying that, he glanced at James. James raised his bidding card again, “A hundred and fisty million.”


The crowd gasped.

What kind of bid increment was this?

A hundred and fifty million from a hundred and ten?

Who was this guy? Why have they not seen him before?

He was an unfamiliar face.

Could this be a rich kid from a renowned family?

However, his attire did not give off the impression of a wealthy guy.

They were astonished Meanwhile, Bjorn was enraged.

He desperately needed the thousand year-old King of Ginseng

The annual medical competition in Cansington was just around the corner He had been preparing for many years to obtain the title of Asclepius and become famous overnight. He had successfully created a formula that needed the thousand-year-old King of Ginseng as the efficacy-enhancing ingredient.

“Two hundred million.”

Bjorn roared with rage

His roar reverberated across the auction house

Everyone knew he was enraged.

They knew he was a vengeful man. Now that sames had offended him, he would be in deep trouble.

“Three hundred million.”

James said disinterestedly. “Honey…” Thea’s face was pale Three hundred million? Where on earth would she get that?

Meanwhile, Julianna looked at James puzzledly. How could he make a three hundred million dollar bid just like that?

The rich and powerful among the crowd were stunned. Although this was the thousand-year-old King of Ginseng, its maximum price was just a hundred and fifty million.

Three hundred million was overkill.

Bjorn’s face was contorted with rage. No one had ever dared go against a renowned inan like him. Now, a young man who had come from nowhere was picking a fight with him at the auction Three hundred million! Although he was a world-renowned doctor earning hundreds of thousands from a single treatment, he only had around a billion dollars in his savines.

“Three hundred and fifty million.”

“Five hundred million.”

James said nonchalantly.


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