The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 316

Chapter 316 James pulled Thea out of Herbal Biotech. Outside, Thea was exasperated. “What are you doing, James? How could we accept such a valuable gift?”

“Why not? It’s free anyway.” James was indifferent.


Thea pouted Then, she took a deep breath. “Sigh… Never mind.” Once again, she owed the mysterious Mr. Caden another favor. When she returned to Cansington, she would have to thank him in person and ask him not to look out for her anymore. Though she was just an ordinary person, she was being taken care of by such a powerful and influential man. Once or twice was fine. However, it was too flattering for this to happen all the time After obtaining the thousand-year-old King of Ginseng, James and Thea returned to the Hill residence On the way, they received a call from David. “Where are you, Thea? Cyrus is treating us to a meal. Come, quick!” “Never mind. I’m not going.” “Come, quick! He’s treating you specifically to a meal. We’re at the Gastronome, the most luxurious restaurant in North Cansington.”

“Alright, then.”

Thea hung up the call and looked at James. “Cyrus is treating us to a meal at the Gastronome.”

“Let’s go, then.” James opened the GPS. After specifying the search location, he drove toward the place. At the same time, Bjorn left the auction at Herbal Biotech. He was in a presidential suite at a five-star hotel.

“Damn it all!”

His face contorted with rage.

He was a renowned doctor. No matter where he went, there would always be people currying favors with him. Even though he had presented himself formally to the crowd, there was someone who paid no heed.

Before him stood a respectful middle-aged man, “Mr. Truman, we’ve looked into the background of that guy,” He said.

“Speak ” Bjorn had a murderous look He said coldly, “Going against me? He must be tired of living. I’ll make his life a living hell.”

“His name’s James. He comes from Cansington and is the son-in-law of the Callahans. The Callahans are an uninfluential family. Their family assets only amount to a billion dollars.”


Bjorn clenched his fists.

“How dare a son-in-law of a second-rate family act in such an insolent manner!”

“Mr. Truman…”

The middle-aged man opened and shut his mouth, remaining silent “Why are you stammering? Speak.”


The middle-aged man said, “Although James is trash, his wife, Thea Callahan, is no ordinary woman. She has deep connections with powerful people Rumor has it that it was because she saved a man ten years ago…” The middle-aged man told Bjorn everything “Was this why Herbal Biotech gave her the thousand year old ginseng for free?”

Bjorn wore a grim expression.

A mysterious Mr. Caden?

Who was he?

Bjorn had traveled across the world, and he had stayed in Cansington for a long time. However, he had never heard of a powerful and influential Caden.

“A Caden from ten years ago?”

Bjorn squinted his eyes.

He had never regarded the Cadens from ten years ago as a threat, let alone a survivor ten years later in the present.

He was a renowned doctor who had connections across the world.

He was acquainted with many bigwigs who would even curry favor with him. After all, the richer a man was, the more afraid he was to die. “Mr. Truman, I also found out they’re here in North Cansington to celebrate Thea’s grandmother’s birthday tomorrow.”

“Very good.”

Bjor had a frightening expression on his face.

To hiin, James was already a dead man.

The Hills, too, were doomed.

James and Thea arrived at the Gastronome.

They went to the third floor and entered a luxurious room.

Many gathered there.

They were all younger generations of the Hills headed by Cyrus,

At the moment, Cyrus was conversing with a twenty-year-old-looking man.

The man was wearing a white T-shirt and a golden necklace around his neck. He was also wearing a luxury watch and was ernbellished with extravagant objects all over his body. The luxury watch alone was worth hundreds of thousands.

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