The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 317

Chapter 317 He was Augustus Xenos and a friend of Cyrus.

A friend… in Cyrus’ eyes.

To Augustus, Cyrus was a nobody.

If Cyrus had not said he would introduce a beautiful lady to him, he would not even have come. “Augustus, I’m not lying. My cousin’s strikingly beautiful. Although she’s married, her husband’s trash. They haven’t even slept on the same bed yet.” “I can vouch for that,” said David.

”It’s true that my sister hasn’t slept with that useless James yet. However, many wealthy men are chasing her. Do you know the Watsons? Zavier Watson is going after her too. Let’s not forget the mysterious Mr. Caden. These are extremely wealthy men. They have sent us luxury cars and villas worth hundreds of millions.”

What David was trying to say was obvious.

If you wished to pursue Thea, you had to prepare gifts equal in value to Mr. Watson’s and Mr. Caden’s.

At that moment, the door opened. James and Thea walked in. Everyone in the room stood up. Cyrus hurriedly approached Thea and pulled her over to Augustus’ side. He then introduced him to her. “Thea, this is Augustus from the Xenoses. Their family is worth hundreds of billions.”

Upon witnessing Thea’s glamor, Augustus was immediately attracted to her.

He scrutinized her from head to toe.

Her features were refined; her hair was long and silky; her skin was fair and delicate; her figure was curvaceous. Her entire body was alluring.

Mine… Mine…

At that moment, his mind exclaimed.

However, he was composed on the outside. He gently nodded. “Hmm… Not bad. She barely qualifies to be my girlfriend.”

Saying that, he patted Cyrus on the shoulder. “Not bad, Cyrus. From today onward, my family will be looking out for the Hills.”

Delighted, Cyrus hurriedly said, “Thank you, Augustus.” He pointed at the chair and said, “Have a seat here, Thea. Have a few drinks with Augustus.”

Thea’s face darkened.

She came because they were her family.

She did not expect Cyrus to invite a stranger and even make her accompany him for a drink.

Meanwhile, James grinned at Augustus and asked, “You must be Augustus Xenos. May I know who Zack and Washington Xenos are to you?” Augustus glanced at James. Seeing that he was dressed in ordinary clothes, he looked at him with disdain. “They’re my cousins.”

“I see.” James smiled slightly. Then, he looked at thea, “Honey, since Mr. Augustus has taken a liking to you, accompany him for a few drinks. It’s too hot in here. I’m going out for a walk.”


Thea called out.

However, James had turned to leave.

Thea frowned and muttered, “What the hell is he thinking?”

With a frustrated look, she took her seat.

With the number of people, she was not worried about Augustus doing anything inappropriate to her.

James walked out of the building.

He lit a cigarette and pulled out his phone to call Gavin. Scared out of his wits upon receiving James’ call, Gavin could not even hold his phone properly. He swiftly answered the phone. “G-General, what is it? Can I help you?”

James said, “You have Zack’s number, don’t you? Give him a call and tell him I’m at the Gastronome in North Cansington. A guy from the Xenos called Augustus is demanding my wife accompany him for a drink. Let’s get one thing straight. I charge an exorbitant price for this. A hundred million for a glass of wine.”

Saying that, he hung up.

Then, he returned to the room.

Thea was seated beside Augustus. Generous and amicable, he opened bottles one after another and poured wine into the empty glasses

He even poured one for Thea. He lifted the glass with a bright smile. “Here’s to our first meeting, Thea. Cheers!”

“Sorry, I don’t drink.”

Just as she was declining his offer, James walked in and sat beside her. He said with a smile, Honey, since Mr Augustus has taken a liking to you, how could you refuse his offer? The Xenoses are an influential family and the representatives of North Cansington in the Five Provinces Business Alliance There’s nothing to lose from getting acquainted with him.”

Wearing a smug look, he said, “He’s right, Thea. I heard you opened a processing plant. With the Xenoses looking out for you, there’s nothing for you to worry about.” It would be rude of Thed to refuse lurther, so she listed her class.

After that, Augustus kept pouring wine into her glass non-stop.

Though Thea did not want to drink, James, as well as the rest of the Hills, kept pushing her.

“N-No more… I can’t drink anymore.”

After a few glasses, Thea’s cheeks were bright red.

“Thea, this is Mr. Augustus we’re talking about. Stop thinking about yourself and consider the family’s interest.”

“That’s right. If Mr. Augustus finds you satisfactory, you two can go and get a hotel room. With him looking out for our family, we’ll be rich!” The Hills chimed in.

Meanwhile, James leaned against a chair and remained silent. Augustus laughed. “Haha, that’s right. We can go and get a room after drinking. I’ll be looking out for you guys in the future. We’ll get rich together!”

He glanced at Thea. Seeing her reddened cheeks, his heart raced.

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