The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 318

Chapter 318

Thea was on her tenth glass of wine.

She had never drunk wine. After drinking so much in such a short amount of time, she felt dizzy and refused to drink any further.

However, the Hills were discontented.

“Stop acting innocent, Thea.” “You think we don’t know anything? You’re fooling around with a mysterious Mr. Caden even though you’re married. If not for him looking out for you, would you have the success you enjoy today?”

“Now that the Callahans are rich, can’t you help us out?”

The Hills uttered harsh words.

“What are you talking about?” David stepped forward and reproached them, “How is Thea responsible for helping you out? You better watch your mouth.”

He glanced at James. Seeing that James was sitting lazily on the chair with a disinterested look, David was enraged, He was standing by idly as his wife was being denigrated. What a piece of trash.

Although David wanted a rich brother-in-law, the Hills were being too abrasive.

“Never mind, David.” Thea stood up. Now that she had given the Hills face, she wanted to go home and rest.

She stood up to leave.

Cyrus grabbed her arm and said, “What are you doing, Thea?”

Augustus was a Xenos. If he could curry favor with a Xenos, the Hills would be rich. How could he let Thea go free?

Thea yelled, “What are you doing? Let go!”


Cyrus slapped Thea across her face and roared, “Stop acting innocent. Do you know who Augustus is? What’s the big deal drinking a few glasses of wine and sleeping with him..?”


In an instant, Cyrus was sent flying.

James gave him a hard kick

Cyrus flew two meters away.

To James, his silence did not mean they got a free pass to bully Thea. He had remained silent because he wanted her to obtain more venture capital.

Although he was rich, he could not just hand it to Thea. She would grow suspicious and suspect that he had gotten the money illegally. Thea did not expect James to resort to violence. She stopped him in time and said, “It’s alright, honey.”

Only then did James sit. He looked at Thea and asked, “Can you continue drinking, honey?”


Thea frowned. “What do you mean by that, James?”

James said with a smile, “If you can still drink, continue.”


Thea was puzzled.

At that moment, Cyrus got up.

Clutching his chest, he pointed at James with a painful expression. “You f*cking piece of trash! How dare you hit me! You’re dead meat!” Saying that, he looked at Augustus. “Augustus, you call the shots around here. Quick, call the security guards in and crush him!” Augustus wore a grim expression. He stared at James coldly. “Kneel, trash.” James sat on a chair and crossed his legs. Ignoring Augustus, he said, “Honey, drink as much as you can.”

“No way. Let’s go home.” Thea refused.

She knew James was a good fighter. He could take down a dozen men in an instant,

She did not want things to get out of control.

Meanwhile, Augustus pulled out his phone and gave a call. Soon, the door opened. A dozen security guards armed with electric batons walked in. James immediately raised his hands and pleaded, “P- Please, don’t act rashly. Honey, have a few more drinks with Mr. Augustus. If you don’t, i’ll get beaten to death.” Seeing the security guards, Thea was intimidated. She did not want James to resort to violence again. She looked at Augustus pleadingly. “Mr. Augustus, please order them to leave. I’ll have a few more drinks with you.” “That’s the way…” Augustus grinned. This was his territory, and they were his prey.

He lightly waved.

The security guards immediately left the room

Thea had no choice but to take her seat once more and continue drinking Meanwhile, James wore a disinterested look. He took a cigarette out and lit it. At the same time, after receiving James’ call, Gavin immediately called Zack Hearing what had happened, he was appalled. Then, he cursed, “Damn you, Augustus! Are you trying to ruin the Xenoses?”

If only he had been in North Cansington, he would have rushed over and taught Augustus a lesson.

However, he was in Cansington. He could not get there in time. He called Richard Xenos, his father and the patriarch of the household “Dad, something bad happened. That b*stard Augustus is making the Black Dragon’s wife accompany him for a drink Get over there now. They’re at the Gastronome. The Black Dragon told us we’ll have to pay a hundred million for every glass of wine she drinks. We’re gonna be in huge trouble if we don’t reach there in time!”

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