The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 319

Chapter 319 “How much we pay isn’t the point. However, if we offend the Black Dragon, the Xenoses will be ruined.”

“It really is the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon General of the Southern Plains, the behind-the -scenes owner of Transgenerational, and the one behind the destruction of the Xaviers and the death of the Great Four’s leaders.”

Back then at the House of Royals, I saw Zavier Watson kneeling before the Black Dragon with my own eyes.”

Richard was a representative of North Cansington in the Five Provinces Business Alliance.

He had a pretty good idea about who bought Transgenerational New City.

Hence, the moment he received Gavin’s call, his face turned pale.

“This b*stard! I’ll kill him!”

Richard stormed off to the Gastronome.

At the Gastronome, Thea was drinking. She had drunk at least twenty glasses of wine.

She could not drink any further.

Seeing that the opportunity was ripe, Cyrus took out a wad of banknotes and tossed it at James. “Hey, trash. Take this and enjoy yourself. Augustus will send your wife back tomorrow morning.”

Accepting the money, James’s face remained impassive, His actions had not gone unnoticed by Thea, who was slowly losing consciousness. She was dismayed vas Meanwhile, Augustus was thrilled.

Would he finally get what he wanted?

Watching Thea’s curvaceous figure, he gulped. He could even foresee how the scene in the room with Thea would play out.


At that moment, the door was kicked open.

A fifty-year-old-looking man stormed in with a dozen bodyguards close behind. “Beat him up. Beat the sh*t out of him!”

It was Richard. Augustus froze upon seeing Richard. “Uncle, why are you…?” “Ah!”

Before he could finish his words, a bodyguard pounced on him. He grabbed Augustus’ hair and slapped him with great force. Augustus was bewildered.

Thea was dumbfounded.

Everyone was flabbergasted. Only James remained composed.

Richard bellowed with rage, “Beat the sh*t out of him!” The bodyguards threw Augustus on the floor and proceeded to beat him up. “Argh! Uncle… P-Please stop…” Augustus begged for mercy. The Hills were petrified upon witnessing the scene Richard approached Thea and knelt before her. Then, he kowtowed non-stop, “Ms. Thea, it’s our fault for not teaching him well. Please have inercy on the Xenoses.”

Thea was in a daze.

She did not know what had happened.

She stood and went to help Richard up However, she vomited the moment she stood. She vomited all over the kneeling Richard. Then, she collapsed onto a chair.


Augustus cried out in agony and passed out The Hills were horrified upon seeing this. They made their way to the sidelines and remained silent.

James looked at Richard and said coldly, “A Xenos made my wife accompany him for a drink. As Thea’s body is priceless, I’m afraid the price will be exorbitant. A hundred million per glass. I’ve been counting. My wife drank around twenty glasses of wine. Give us two billion, and we’ll let this slide.”

“What? Have you gone mad?”

Thea, who was tipsy, immediately regained her senses. She looked at James and rebuked him,” Stop spouting nonsense, James. What do you mean by a hundred million per glass? What do you mean by two billion? You’ve gone mad.” “We’ll gladly pay.” Richard dared not refute James. Zack had explained everything to him This was the Black Dragon, the existence that stood at the top of the power pyramid. A single order from the Black Dragon could spell doom for the Five Provinces Business Alliance, let alone the Xenoses.

don’t need your money. Even if I do, I only need a hundred million. You have two billion, after all. What’s wrong with giving ine a hundred million? I’in your brother.”

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