The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Richard knelt on the floor, his heart pounding. “Ms. Thea, please give me your bank account number. I’m begging you. I’ll make the transfer immediately.”

Thea was still at a loss. Why was he begging to give her money? It was just a few glasses of wine. Seeing Augustus who had passed out on the floor, she took a deep breath. Could it be the mysterious Mr. Caden?

However, they were in North Cansington, while he was in Cansington. So, how could he know what was going on here? How influential was he?

Thea thought of a man, the mysterious Mr. Caden.

Lots of people were in the room

However, everyone remained silent. No one dared to speak

After a moment, Thea spoke, “I-It’s no big deal. It’s just a few glasses of wine. Everything’s fine.”

Two billion dollars was no small sum. She would not accept such a gift.

Richard glanced at James.

Sitting on a chair, James smoked his cigarette and looked at Thea, “Honey, are you dumb? Just take it. This is two billion dollars we’re talking about. We won’t make that much money even if we worked for decades. I heard that the Xenoses are a rich family with assets totaling hundreds of billions. They aren’t short of money.”


Richard hurriedly added, “We aren’t lacking money. This b*stard has got a lot of nerve forcing you into drinking. Your body and health are priceless. It’s only natural that a single glass of wine costs a hundred million.”


Thea was at a loss.

James looked at the still dumbfounded David and Alyssa and shot thein a look David regained his senses and urged, “What are you standing there for, Thea? Quick, give him your account number,”

Saying that, he approached Alchard. “Does my account work? She’s my sister, after all. It’s the Same as transferring the money to me.”

Richard looked at Jamnes.

James immediately reproached David, “What are you doing, David? This is Thea’s money. Can we even get them back after they go into your account?” Richard was on the verge of tears. His forehead hitting the floor, he kowtowed repeatedly. “I’m begging you, Thea. Just give me your account number. I’ll make the transfer immediately.” Thud! Thud! Thud! His forehead was already bruised. “P-Please get up.” Thea tried to help him up. Richard would not dare.

Thea had no other choice but to give him her account number.

Richard wasted no time and made the transfer inunediately

Richard was the current patriarch of the Xenoses. As he was a VIP of the banks, his transfers would be approved in an instant, no matter the amount.

Soon, Thea received the money. The process took a mere five minutes

It was surreal seeing the balance in her bank account.

Two billion dollars, just like that? “M-Ms Thea, have you received it?”

Richard was still kneeling on the floor. Thea spoke monotonously, “Y-Yes.” “M-May I leave, then? Can I take this b*stard away?”

“Y-You may.”

Understood.” Pardoned, Richard immediately ordered his men to carry Augustus, who was still passed out and swiftly left the room. After they left, the Hills recollected themselves. Their gazes were fixed on Thea

They knew Thea had deep connections with very influential people in Cansington.

However, they did not expect her to be this influential. Even the patriarch of the Xenoses was kneeling on the floor, begging to pay her two billion dollars as compensation. “T-Thea, did you really receive two billion dollars?”

David cast a longing glance at Thea. “N-No… How could that be?” Thea rolled her eyes and said, “I received nothing. What do you think two billion dollars is worth? Did you think he’d give it to me just like that?” “B But Richard made the transfer while he was kneeling on the floor. Don’t lie to me, Thea.

don’t need your money. Even if I do, I only need a hundred million. You have two billion, after all. What’s wrong with giving me a hundred million? I’m your brother.”

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