The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Thea thought that her relationship with James was too monotonous.

She started teasing James.

She was not aware of how powerful her words were.

The battle-hardened James was tamed just by a single sentence. James gulped. “Y-Yeah.” Blushing, Thea said, “G-Get me out of here, then.” James recollected himself and swiftly carried Thea out of the bathroom. He then placed her on the bed.

Meanwhile, Thea immediately covered her naked body with the blanket. With reddened cheeks, she smiled at James. “It’s getting late now. We should get some sleep.”


James got onto the bed.

Thea rolled over to another side with her back toward James.

Though she had ignited the names within James, she chose not to extinguish them.

James was feeling uncomfortable throughout his entire body. However, he chose to suppress the urge.

The night passed silently.

James woke up early the next morning.

Thea, on the other hand, was still sleeping.

James headed to the living room of the presidential suite and pulled out his phone to call Daniel. He instructed him to order Chase to send premium cigarettes and wine from the military region to the Hill residence.

After hanging up the call, he sat on the sofa and played games on his phone. Not long after, Thea walked out of the room.

She was already dressed. However, her hair was disheveled. She looked adorable upon waking up.


She rubbed her temples and sat on the sofa.

James said, “Honey, it’s still early. You should go back to sleep.” Thea shook her head and pulled her phone out. She opened her text messages and stared at the notification the bank had sent her last night.

James approached her and saw her account balance. Feigning surprised, he exclaimed, “Wow! There are two billion in there, honey! We’re rich! Let’s buy ourselves a villa when we return to Cansington, alright?”

Thea looked at James and rolled her eyes. “Dream on! I’m using this to expand Pacific Group. With two billion dollars, I’d be able to rapidly expand the business.” “Honey…”


“Aren’t you curious why the Xenoses gave me money?” James said with a smile, “It’s the mysterious Mr. Caden behind this, of course. He must’ve gotten word that Augustus was forcing you to drink. Enraged, he ordered Richard to kneel before you and apologize.” “Why aren’t you mad, then?” James replied, “What’s there to be mad about? With all these bigwigs falling head over heels for you, it can only mean that my wife’s outstanding. I’m fortunate to have married you. Why would I be mad?”

“Hmph -” Thea pouted and said, “If you continue being so unambitious, I’ll dump you and go to the mysterious Mr. Caden.” “Please don’t, honey. I’ın doing my best. I even found a job. Oh yeah.. I haven’t told you where I’m currently working at…”

James pulled out his Transgenerational account executive business card and said, “Look. I’m working as the account executive at Transgenerational Group.”

Thea rolled her eyes.

Account executive? She knew what the job actually entailed. However, he was capable enough to land a job at Transgenerational. “Transgenerational is a large corporation. You’ll have to work hard.” “Understood, ma’am! I’ll work hard. So, promise me you won’t dump me, honey.” Thea pouted. “That’ll depend on your performance. I’m gonna put my make-up on now.” She stood and headed to the dressing room, Meanwhile, James sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. He was living the life. Soon, Thea finished applying her make-up. The two checked out and headed to the Hill residence. By the time they arrived, it was already nine o’clock in the morning. Today was Thea’s grandmother’s birthday. Although it was not a grand birthday celebration, the Hills were an influential family. Everyone with a connection to the Hills was present.

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