The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Who could have thought the Black Dragon of their discussion was present at the scene?

However, Xara did not dare to reveal James’ identity,

James had constantly kept a low profile and never brought up his identity Soon, the family members of the Hills gradually gathered at the venue, and the villa became lively

At the same time, in the Xenoses’ villa.

Richard Xenos anxiously paced up and down in the living room.

Last night, he had received news that the higher-ups were planning to suppress the Xenos when he returned home. The Xenoses were the number one household in Cansington, and they had plenty of family members in the military, police force, and even government departments, The person that notified Richard was a high-ranking military figure and an important core member of the Xenoses.

He was informed that this was because Washington attempted to bully customers at the Primary Pharmacy yesterday morning but had offended someone of significant influence,

Richard investigated the incident and almost fainted from anger after learning that the people Washington offended were James and Thea.

He was unable to sleep the whole night.

Many people were gathered in the villa’s living room

Those present were core members of the Xenoses. “Richard, think of a solution,” a middle-aged man voiced out. “A solution? What solution can I come up with? This is all because of your useless son. He could’ve offended anyone but Thea!”

Quay was present, and so was his girlfriend, Julianna. He was slightly puzzled. ‘What’s so special about Thea? “Why can’t they offend her?’ He had just met Thea last night. “What’s going on, uncle? Why can’t Thea be offended? What does it have to do with the Xenoses?” “Yeah? What’s her background?” “So what if we offended her? We’re the Xenoses and aren’t afraid of anything.” Richard was about to die from panic, but the Xenoses were nonchalant about the situation.

“So what if we offended her? Do you know who Thea is? Zack called and confirmed that Thea’s husband is the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains! General Nolan will take action against our whole family with one phone call from the Black Dragon if you offend her!” His words caused a massive shock among the family members. Black Dragon? Thea’s husband was the Black Dragon? Quay and Julianna were also shocked

The infamous piece of trash was Sol’s War God, the General of the Southern Plains-the Black Dragon?

“Richard, we’ve only one option now! Today is Thea’s grandmother’s birthday. Let’s prepare a generous gift and immediately go to the Hills’ villa to apologize to Thea in person. We’ll be fine if Thea forgives us.”

Richard thought about it.

Thea was the only one who could save the Xenoses.

He figured out very few people knew about James’ identity as the Black Dragon because he was rumored to be a useless son-in-law.

Zack also mentioned that James valued Thea a lot, and everything he did was centered around her.

Additionally, Zack also said that James was very low profile and did not want others to know of his real identity “Quick. Prepare some gifts. I’ll head to the Hills’ villa immediately.” Richard had to personally visit the Hills to congratulate Thea’s grandmother’s birthday and beg Thea to forgive them in order to save the Xenoses from destruction.

At the same time, in the military region.

Chase had just finished sorting out some documents.

He glanced at the time and immediately ordered his subordinates, “Prepare some premium tobacco and fine wine, I’m going to the Hills’ villa.”

“General, do you really mean the Hills’ villa?” an adjutant asked.

“Yes, the Hills’ villa. Don’t ask so much.” Chase glanced at the adjutant and replied. The adjutant nodded and hurriedly said, “I’ll go prepare them now. Also, General, would you like to go in a military vehicle or private vehicle?” “A private one He doesn’t like stuff too flashy.” There were two purposes for his visit to the Hills–to retum James’ certificate and send preinluin tobacco as well as alcohol to him.

Taniel had mentioned that his career would be over if Jaines blamed him for being late.

Although he was top ranked military personnel, lie only had a star badge on his shoulder

There were countless people who had a star badge on their shoulders.

Meanwhile, James had five star badges on his shoulders.

There were only five people in the entire country that reached such a rank. A five-star commander could easily dismiss a one-star general with just one word without having to notify the highest commander in writing, The Xenos and Chase were all preparing gifts to bring to the Hills’ villa personally,

Bjorn and Bryson were not idle either.

James had snatched the thousand year-old King of Ginseng that belonged to him. Thus, Bjorn planned to take revenge on him.

Meanwhile, Bryson wanted to seize this opportunity to extort some money from the Hills and, even better, make their family bankrupt!

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