The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Before taking action, Bryson had investigated the Hills’ background. The Hills had a lot of students involved in various fields, with the most influential one being the City Police Department Chief. They also had many family members within the military, police force, and government departments. However, none of them had very high ranks in these fields.

Meanwhile, his boss was in a position of high authority and the second most powerful person in North Cansington,

The Hills’ villa courtyard.

Most of the core family members had arrived.

Yitzchak and the old lady of the house sat in front.

The banquet had not begun yet.

According to the Hills’ customs, the banquet would only begin after the younger generations presented their gifts.

Cyrus stepped forward and took out the gift he had prepared in advance.

“Grandma, I know you’ve been paying attention to your health recently. I specifically made a trip to Cansington and bought these health supplements at a sky-high price.”

“Wow, is this a formula personally prescribed by Dr. Fallon? The old lady was dressed in a red festive dress. Although she was eighty years old, she lived a very healthy life and looked full of energy. She was surprised when she heard that the health supplements were from Dr. Fallon himself.

“Yeah, it cost me more than a hundred million dollars,” Cyrus said with a smile.

In truth, these health supplements were not personally prescribed by the genius doctor but by an old doctor.

Jay Fallon’s appointments had been fully booked for many years in advance, It was impossible for him to get an appointment. Thus, he sought out a well-known doctor, gave him the old lady’s recent body diagnosis report, and prescribed some health supplements for her. “As expected from Cyrus. You’ve even met Dr. Fallon in person. “I heard it isn’t easy to schedule an appointment with the genius doctor. Many rich people have tried booking with him but had to wait several years. Some didn’t even live long enough to see him once.”

“Cyrus sure is capable!”

“Rigoberto has a great son!”

The family members began to praise him. The old lady smiled broadly and praised him, saying, “‘You’re an amazing grandson, Cyrus.

Thank you for the gift.”

“Grandma, no matter how much money is spent, it’s worth it as long as you’re happy!”

“Grandpa, I’ve brought you a famous painting.”

Another grandson presented his gift.

The old lady’s smile instantly froze, but she still nodded to acknowledge him.

Following after, the rest of the Hills’ youngsters presented their birthday gifts.

Apart from Cyrus’ valuable gift, the other gifts were too common. The old lady slightly nodded when they were presented to her. Thea smiled and presented her gist. “Grandma, I’ve also prepared a gift for you. This is thousand-year-old ginseng. It’s Herbal Biotech’s most precious treasure.” With that said, Thea instructed James to open the box

James instantly opened the box.

Everyone exclaimed when they saw the large ginseng “That’s such a big ginseng!”

“That would cost an exorbitant price!”

“It would cost at least a few million dollars.”

“What do you mean a few million dollars? I’ve heard of the King of Ginseng. It’s an unreplaceable treasure worth at least one to two hundred million dollars!”


“Does it really cost one to two hundred million? Thea’s company assets are only about one hundred million dollars. How could she afford to spend so much to buy Herbal Biotech’s King of Ginseng?”

The room began to fill with discussion

Everyone had doubts about the king of Ginseng presented in front of them.

“Thea, are you seriously trying to deceive grandma with a counterfeit?”

The person that spoke was Clinton Hill, who was currently a captain of a police unit.

He knew that Thea’s family had hit the jackpot. Thea had some money and even purchased a company

However, he knew that Herbal Biotech’s King of Ginseng was invaluable.

It was not something that could be bought with money. Everyone glanced at Thea with doubt after hearing Clinton’s suspicion. “Thea, did you really bring a counterfeit to deceive me?” “You shouldn’t take us all for fools, Thea. You couldn’t possibly afford a one to two hundred million dollar King of Ginseng. It’s not something that can be bought even if you had money.” “That’s right. I heard your family likes to brag and show off about things you don’t have.”

Many people spoke up. They all felt that the king of Ginseng brought by Thea had to be fake. “Grandma, this is real. I bought it at the Herbal Biotech Auction House Herbal Biotech gave it to me. This is absolutely real!” Everyone laughed as soon as they heard Thea’s explanation

“They gave it to you?”

“Who do you think you are, Thea? Don’t you know what kind of existence Herbal Biotech is? Why would they give it to you?”

Everyone glanced at her in disbelief.

They were unaware that Jay Fallon had stood up for Thea at Yuna’s birthday party, nor did they know that Thea was now a figure that no one dared to offend in Cansington’s upper-class circle.

They were not qualified to be upper-class. Thus, they did not have access to information about such things. Thea panicked as they questioned her. She glanced at James and said, “Honey, help me explain quickly. This King of Ginseng is the real thing!” James said indifferently, “The truth shall prevail, so why bother explaining? Since Grandma thinks it’s fake, we can take it back and use it ourselves.”

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