The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 328

Chapter 328 James did not intend to explain anything.

There was nothing to explain,

Seeing that James was not explaining, the Hills were more convinced the King of Ginseng was fake.

The Hills’ members besieged Thea, and all kinds of nasty words were thrown at her.

Gladys was ashamed.

They could have gifted anything. Why did they have to present something fake? From her perspective, Thea definitely brought a counterfeit product because of James. She stood up and scolded, “What is your problem, James? Why did you make thea bring a counterfeit product?” Gladys swung her arm at James.

James instinctively dodged it and explained, “Mom, that’s nonsense. Even if the others don’t believe Thea, how can you not trust her?”

“Mom, stop it.” Thea promptly pulled Gladys away. Cyrus stepped forward. “Grandma, elders. This probably isn’t fake.” Last night, he had witnessed the head of the Xenoses kneeling to Thea. How could such an influential person present a counterfeit product? The youngsters that were present at the scene last night all began to speak up for Thea “You youngsters don’t understand anything. Why are you interrupting?” An elder reprimanded them, and they immediately stopped talking “Thea.”

Cyrus’ father, also Jedidiah’s youngest son, Rigoberto, stepped forward. He glanced at the ginseng placed on the table and said, “I’ve seen countless valuable medicinal materials. It’s obvious at first glance that this ginseng is not real. It’s synthetic. Where did you get this ginseng from, Thea? Have you been decelved?”

Since Rigoberto had spoken, everyone was sure that it was fake.

Rigoberto was the richest and wisest one in the Hills.

If he said it was fake, then it must be.

“Dad, this should be real…”

Before Cyrus could finish speaking, Rigoberto glared at him. He swallowed the rest of his words and immediately shut his mouth. “The King of Ginseng is real Christine Fallon gave it to me at Herbal Biotech.”

Faced with the family’s doubts, Thea was saddened.

She generously gifted her grandma invaluable ginseng to make her happy. Instead, they were accusing her of bringing a fake gift. “Who do you think you are, Thea?” “Do you really think you’re somebody after acquiring a lousy company? “It’s impossible for you to be gifting something worth a few hundred million dollars as you please.”

Thea’s uncles and aunts kept bashing her. Even Gladys joined them and scolded James.

James did not refute them. He silently walked aside, took out his phone, and called Jake.

“Your granddaughter, Christine, is in North Cansington, right? Ask her to come over to the Hills’ villa and explain the situation regarding the King of Ginseng…”

Jake, also called Jay, received the call from faines and did not dare to neglect the matter. Immediately, he phoned Christine

Jay did not expect Christine to have investigated Thea’s whereabouts in North Cansington yesterday and learned about her agenda of celebrating her grandmother’s birthday Christine knew that her grandpa was respectful toward Thea. Thus, she wanted to use this opportunity to get acquainted with her.

She was almost at the Hills’ villa when her grandfather called.

“What? Explain the King of Ginseng? The Hills are accusing the King of Ginseng of being a counterfeit?”

Christine was stunned.

She hurriedly replied, “Grandpa, I’ll be at the Hills’ villa very soon. I’ll rush there as soon as possible!”

She hung up the phone and instructed the driver to speed up A few minutes later, she appeared at the Hills’ villa courtyard.

The whole family surrounded Thea in the courtyard and accused her of bringing a counterfeit product.

Meanwhile, the old lady had a very dissatisfied expression. She was disappointed with her granddaughter for refusing to admit her mistake.

“That’s enough. Everyone shut up.”

The old lady spoke

Everyone immediately held their tongues.

The old lady pushed the King of Ginseng from the table to the ground and scolded her with a displeased expression, “Thea, take your fake ginseng and get out of here. Also…Gladys, you better parent your daughter properly. Don’t keep embarrassing yourselves.”

“Yes, Morn.”

Gladys did not dare to rebuke her. “Why are you still standing here? Haven’t you been embarrassed enough? Hurry and go,” Gladys glared at James and scolded him.

“Who said it’s fake?”

Just then, a voice sounded.

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