The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 329

Chapter 329

The crowd tumed toward the voice.

A tall, slender woman in a white dress walked over.


Everyone was stunned.

Who was this woman?

Jedidiah, the head of the Hills, stood up and greeted her. “Young lady, who might you be?” he asked. The woman that appeared was Christine She glanced at the King of Ginseng that was shoved to the floor, walked over, and picked it up “I’m Christine, the granddaughter of Jay Fallon from Cansington, and also the person in charge of Herbal Biotech. This is indeed the King of Ginseng from Herbal Biotech I’m the one who gave it to Ms. Thea. Are you all accusing this king of Ginseng that costs a hundred and fifty million dollars to be fake?”

She glanced at the crowd.

Dozens of people were present at the scene.

However, it was dead silent. Why would the person in charge of Herbal Biotech suddenly appear in the Hills’ villa? James was also slightly surprised to see Christine arrive so soon after he had just made the phone call.

She came incredibly fast.

Can she fly?’ thought James, “Ms. Thea,” Christine approached Thea with a smile on her beautiful face and greeted her

“Ms. Fallon,” Thea greeted back. She did not expect Christine to appear at the Hills’ villa. With Christine’s appearance to verify the ginseng, the members of the Hills instantly shut up and exchanged glances. No one dared to speak The old lady stood up with doubts on her face. “A-Are you really the granddaughter of Dr. Fallon?”

She glanced at Cyrus for confirmation. “Cyrus, didn’t you see Dr. Fallon in Cansington? Is this his granddaughter?”

Cyrus looked embarrassed.

He had never seen Dr. Fallon nor knew his granddaughter.

However, he was sure that this woman was the granddaughter of Dr Fallon and the person in charge of Herbal Biotech

He nodded, “Yes.”

Rigoberto stood up, stretched out his hand, and smiled, “Ms. Fallon, nice to igieet you I’m Rigoberto, the chairman of R&F Corporation.” Christine glanced at him and said nothing Rigoberto looked awkward “AK-King of Ginseng, this is a real King of Ginseng?”

With even Rigoberto affirming Christine’s identity, the old lady exclaimed.ind looked at the King of Ginseng with delight

David stepped forward and said, “I already told you guys The brought the real deal, but you all refused to believe her and even scolded her Apolopolo my sister!”

The Hill’s members exchanged glances

The old lady reprimanded them, “Why aren’t you all sayiny.nything’



The family members finally apologized “Thea, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you” “Thea, 1 also falsely accused you. I hope you don’t take it to bear”

“Thea, it’s just a misunderstanding”

“It’s understandable that you all didn’t believe me Alter all, this is priceless king of Ginseng,” thea waved her hands and replied After solving the misunderstanding, Christine also presented her gifts to the old lady They were all invaluable supplements that were great for the body The old lady was thrilled and could not stop smiling Lastly, Christine took out a card and handed it over “This is a Herbal Biotech VIP card. With this card, you won’t have to make an appointment to see iny grandfather. My grandfather has only given out a dozen or so cards to others All the Hills’ members were excited to hear this.

A Herbal Biotech VIP card was an incredibly generous gift! Christened smiled at Thea, exchanged a few words, and left

There was no need for her to stay any longer after delivering the gifts After she left, the Hills were still surprised by Christine’s gifts.

“Wow, it’s so lively here.”

A strange voice sounded in the courtyard less than ten minutes after Christine left Everyone turned to the sound and saw an older nian dressed in a suit outside the Hills’ villa with hundreds of people,

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