The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 330

Chapter 330 The person who appeared was Bjorn.

James had ignored him and competed for the thousand-year-old King of Ginseng at the auction.

The thousand-year-old King of Ginseng was crucial for the medical conference in Cansington. He needed this thousand-year-old King of Ginseng to defeat Jay and win the title of genius doctor.

He reached out to a prominent family in North Cansington, the Yoders.

The Yoders’ status in North Cansington was only second to the Xenoses and was considered a big household.

Bjorn had once won the genius doctor title and was the savior of the head of the Yoders.

A day ago, he spoke about the incident of the King of Ginseng that had happened.

The Yoders immediately expressed their support to Bjorn to get back the King of Ginseng.

Cooper, the eldest son of the head of the Yoders, personally accompanied Bjorn to the Hills’ villa. With them was a gangster boss that Biorn found from the underworld.

His name was kannon Stone.

In his earlier years, he used to mingle around in the underworld. Nowadays, he was doing legal business and had opened a security company in North Cansington The hundred people following behind him were all from his security company.

The Hills were stunned to see Bjom, Cooper, and Kannon approaching.

James frowned and muttered to himself, “Why is this old guy here?”

Thea began to worry.

She recognized this person. He had some conflict with James at the auction last night, so it was evident he did not come with good intentions.

She took James’ hand and wore a worried expression. “Honey, this…”

“It’s alright. Let’s see what happens first.” James comforted her.

The head of the Hills, Jedidiah, stood up and greeted him with a smile, “Who might you all be?”

“Cooper?” Rigoberto recognized one of them. This was a bigwig who had a net worth of tens of billions. Although Rigoberto had never seen himn personally, he was in the business industry and had heard of him before.

Cyrus also recognized him but never expected such a big shot worth tens of billions to come to a small place like the Hills villa.

“I-Isn’t this the boss of Sentinel Security, Kannon?”

Rigoberto also identified one of them.

“1-Isn’t that Bjorn?” “Who’s Bjom?”

“Bjorn Truman! He is called the Doctor of Wonders. His medical skills are on par with the genius doctor, Dr. Fallon. He is also recognized worldwide as a talented doctor.

The identity of the sudden visitors were revealed one by one. The old lady heard the crowd’s discussion and smiled happily after learning that these were bigwigs.

Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday. It’s an honor.” The old lady also went to greet the guests.

However, when she came near to them, she was immediately blocked by the accompanying bodyguards.

Bjorn’s face darkened, and he mocked, “Celebrate your birthday? Old hag, you think too highly of yourself. I’m here today to resolve a conflict.”


The old lady’s face froze. “Conflict? What conflict? What kind of conflict does the Hills have with you?” Jedidiah could not help but ask

Rigoberto stepped forward and said with a smile, “Dr. Truman, Mr. Yoder, Mr. Stone. Nice to meet you three today. My name is Rigoberto. I’m the…”

Before he could finish speaking, an accompanying bodyguard kicked him away. The bodyguard’s leg landed directly on Rigoberto, and he fell to the ground. At this moment, the Hills realized that these guests were not here to celebrate any birthdays but to cause trouble. They were all confused as to how anyone from the Hills had offended these bigwigs. Bjorn pointed at James and said indifferently, “Brat, come here and kneel. Admit your mistake immediately.” Everyone turned their gazes toward James.

Now, everyone understood.

It was the ignorant James who had offended these bigwigs.

James approached them step-by-step under the crowd’s gaze. With a nonchalant expression, he said, “It’s you? Why are you here? I advise you better leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll regret not belng able to leave later.”

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