The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Everyone’s attention turned toward the voice, and another group of people approached from the distance.

The leader was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit and looked like a very successful person.

This person was Bryson. Behind him was a long-haired man dressed in a black singlet and a dragon tattooed on his body. This man was Dylan Nell.

Another 20 subordinates followed behind him.

These men carried stretchers.

Many people were lying on these stretchers. They were bruised and groaning in pain “Who are these people?”

The Hills were puzzled.

Jedidiah walked over cautiously, seeing that these people wore very stern expressions. “Who are you guys?” “Where’s James?” Dylan ignored Jedidiah and demanded James. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on James. Thea was also confused. ‘What is this about this time?’

Dylan seemed familiar to her, but she could not remember where she had seen him before.

James glanced at the vicious-looking Dylan and recognized the visitor. This was the person who caused trouble last night. “I’m here. What’s up? Is there something you need?” James approached him calmly and asked coldly. Dylan took out a sharp dagger as soon as he identified James. Then, he immediately charged at James and roared, “I’ll kill you to avenge my brothers!” James turned his body slightly and dodged the dagger. He quickly grabbed Dylan’s hand and twisted it with great force.


Dylan screamed as his whole body writhed and turned in pain. “Get lost…” James abruptly let go and kicked him with his foot.

Sustaining a blow from James, he was kicked two meters away and rolled a few times on the ground

He groaned in pain on the ground and could not get up for a while.

The Hills watched the scene and could not digest what had happened.

However, one thing was for sure. James caused some sort of trouble again. Kannon, who accompanied Bjorn, frowned slightly upon seeing Bryson. “What a coincidence, Bryson. Why are you here?” Kannon walked over immediately and greeted Bryson with a smile. Bryson glanced at the person greeting him and recognized Kannon Both of them were from North Cansington’s underworld and naturally had met with each other before. “Isn’t this Mr. Stone? What brings you to the Hüls’ villa?” Kannon said with a smile, “There is a fool here that offended Mr. Truman. I’m here with some men to seek justice for Mr. Truman.”

Bryson glanced at Bjorn and greeted him with a nod He immediately said, “It seems we’ve got the same target. This kid named James beat up a few of my men last night. I’m here to avenge them.”

Their conversation was overheard by the members of the Hills.

The old lady stood up instantly, looked at the bigwigs, and hurriedly explained, “This has nothing to do with the Hills, James isn’t from the Hills.” “Is that so? James is the Callahans’ son-in law. Your daughter, Gladys, is Benjamin Callahan’s wise. Are you claiming that he has nothing to do with the Hills?” “O-Of course not.” The old lady was terrified. These were extremely vicious figures of the underworld. “I’ll expel Gladys from the family right now! From now on, Gladys has nothing to do with the Hills,” she hurriedly announced.

Gladys’ face darkened, and she immediately scolded, “You useless trash! What have you done. James? How did you manage to offend so many bigwigs in just one day in North Cansington?”

Thea was also confused.

She knew about the incident with Bjorn. However, what was the reason these other people were here?

She looked at James.

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