The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 333

Chapter 333 James was nonchalant and did not seem afraid of these unexpected visitors.

Bjom and Bryson glared at James,

Bjorn shouted, “Brat, get down now and let me break your legs. Your wife will come with me, and this will be over.”

Bryson pointed to his subordinates lying on the stretchers with broken legs and said indifferently. “How can I just let this go? You beat my men and have to pay me two billion dollars to resolve this matter. Since the Callahans don’t have money, the Hills will pay for it. If you don’t pay up, hmph.don’t blame me for the consequences.”

The Hills went silent.

These bigwigs were all after James, so they remained silent.

Jedidiah could not allow such suppression.


He stood up and shouted, “This is the Hills’ villa! How dare you be presumptuous in our house!”

“Dad, don’t say too much. These are people we shouldn’t mess with.”

“Yeah, Dad. It’s none of our business, so don’t get involved in it.”

“Dad, do you know who these people are? This person is Bryson, the underworld boss in North Cansington. I heard a big household went bankrupt and got sent to prison after they offended him.”

The Hills’ members spoke out and prevented Jedidiah from getting involved.

However, Jedidiah used to be a soldier and could not tolerate these people messing with him. He immediately took out his phone and called his favorite disciple- the chief of the City Police Department.

“Harrison, it’s me. It’s Jedidiah. I’ve got a situation right now. There are people causing trouble at the Hills’ villa…”

City Police Department, Chief’s Office.

Harrison Zeller answered the call from Jedidiah. Jedidiah was his mentor and had helped him a lot in the past. It could be said that he would have never reached such success without Jedidiah back then.

However, the higher-ups had specifically reminded him not to interfere with the Hills’ affairs and warned him no one would be able to protect him in the morning. “Mr. Hills, I’m sorry. I really can’t get away from work right now. I’ll bring a gift another day and see you at the Hills’ villa. That’s it for now. Bye…”

Peep..Beep Beep..

Harrison hung up the call before Jedidial could say anything. This?

His face wore a stem expression,

Although he was old, he was not confused From Harrison’s behavior, it was not hard for him to understand that James had offended a very influential person. Thus, these people had suppressed even Harrison The Hills’ members glanced at Jedidiah.

Bryson mocked, “Mr. Hill, could it be you were trying to call Mr. Zeller for help? I’m afraid you might have to be disappointed. Even Mc Zeller won’t be able to protect the Hills today Give me two billion dollars, and this matter will be resolved. I’ll keep my word. Or else” “Or else what?” Jedidiah wore a furious expression Suddenly, Clinton received a call. After hearing the news from the phone call, he instantly fell to the ground. “It’s over. I’m done for.”

The Hills’ member looked at Clinton “What’s wrong, Clinton? Jedidiah was puzzled by his actions and asked, “Grandpa! Grandpa…1- I’ve been dismissed,” Clinton was downcast as he replied weakly At the same time, many family members received notices following each other, saying they were suspended from work The Hills were in complete panic.


Dylan got up from the ground and laughed out loud.

“The Hills will cease to exist in North Cansington if we’re not given a satisfactory answer.”

Hearing this, the Hills panicked. “You trash! What have you done, James?” “You’re bad luck, Thea!” “I already told you guys that Thea is jinxed! You guys didn’t believe me!” “Look at how much trouble your daughter and son-in-law have brought to the Hills, Gladys!” The Hills members began to point fingers at Gladys. If one’s eyes could kill, then Benjamin, Thea, and James would have died countless times.

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